Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Sandy Ride

Went to Sandy Beach and rode our bikes along the Treadwell Mine Historic Trail. It was a fun little bike ride... it felt good to get the bikes off the car for a while and pedal around. For a little history lesson, we learned that the Treadwell Mine was, in its time, the largest and most advanced gold mine in existence. It produced over $70 million worth of gold. Pretty impressive if you ask me. We got sidetracked and ended up on the beach, not making it to the end of the trail. At the end, there is a place called the Glory Hole, a 450 ft open pit mine that is now a small lake with a waterfall. Definitely making it back out there to see it soon. 

After riding our bikes through the water and sand (not the best idea... salt and sand is horrible for bikes) we met a really nice guy and his two Alaskan Malamutes, Freya and Skadi. Those dogs were absolutely beautiful! He told us that Skadi was cast in a movie that was shot here in Juneau and other parts of Alaska. The movie is called 'WildLike' and is scheduled to be released next year. Celebrity doggy! Pretty cool! You can see and read more about the dogs HERE.

We are going to look at a condo tomorrow... hopefully it will work for us so we can get out of this hotel! So ready to have a kitchen and eat real, healthy food instead of this microwaveable garbage. Oh, and getting all our stuff out of the car will be a plus too :) I'm sure Winter will be happy to have a little more room to run around. But, if it isn't what we want, then we will keep looking! A lot more listings have been appearing on Craigslist and I'll keep hounding the realty offices until we find something!

A part of the Treadwell Mine Historic Site

Rundown generator.

Kona's love the view :)

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