Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stay In Shredding Shape!

Most of us that are fortunate enough to ride more than 100 days a season are well aware that you have to do specific workouts to stay or get in shape for the next season of shredding.

Snowboarding causes you to use a variety of muscles. For example, arm and wrist strength for getting up, leg strength for riding and carving, and also back and ab strength for doing those 360's, grabs, and flat-land tricks.

Maintaining good balance is another thing you need to always work on.

Endurance and strength training at least a month before, or preferably all summer, will keep you from moaning and groaning in pain after those first few days of intense riding.

Here are a few cool workouts I found interesting:

Standing 360's - Not only does this build leg strength, but it helps with balance and coordination so you can nail those on-snow 360's with ease.

Tennis Ball Squat - By standing with each foot on a tennis ball and doing squats, you are building leg strength and helping your balance.

Arm Dips - Using a chair or bench to do arm dips helps build arm strength to make getting up heelside a breeze.

Crunches - Yes, your basic crunch is important for getting in shape for the mountain. Carving involves alot of twising in the abdominal region, so getting in plenty of crunches will make you nice and toned and ready to take on the slopes.

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio! Run, jog, walk, do anything to help build endurance and stamina so you can get more runs in on the mountain instead of sitting in the lodge wondering why you are so worn out.

There are TONS of exercises and workouts that will help you get in shape... actually DOING it is the hard part. All the exercise you need can be done at home so you don't have to spend a fortune on equipment or gym memberships.

Good luck getting ready for next season!

Friday, May 8, 2009

My computer is broken...

...and I'm not sure when or how I'm gonna fix it =[. It's on it's last days. Half the keys on the keyboard won't work, including the backspace and spacebar, two of the most IMPORTANT keys! I'm using the 'on-screen' keyboard when necessary. It's even a pain in the ass to type this blog. What should take me 2 min is taking me 10. Not fun. I guess 6 years is a long lifetime for a laptop.

But anyways, I'm wanting a MacBook, but they're anywhere between 1 and 2 grand. Better start saving!

I'll try to post some stuff when I can, but no promises on anything soon until I figure this computer thing out.

Peace & Shredding Love,