Thursday, April 29, 2010

I miss snow...

Well it's been a month since I've updated last. I still don't have a working laptop so I can't really update as much as I'd like at the moment. I'm hopefully gonna be getting a Macbook for my birthday next month, so I'll be updating at least twice a week then. I miss my laptop soooo much! The Dell will be tossed off of a cliff somewhere.

Another thing I miss is SNOW. It flurried here on Beech Mtn yesterday and I was extremely happy to see snow. Snowflakes always make me smile cuz the first thing that comes to mind is snowboarding. There's still a good little pile of snow on one of the trails at Beech so Dustin and I might go try to set up a rail or something tomorrow. I have a TON of pics and videos of our spring slush sessions that I wanna post, but no laptop = no pics and edits :(

If you're still shredding, more power to ya! Some resorts are still open and will be open for another month or so. Lucky lucky riders! Here in NC we are lucky to stay open thru mid-March.

Happy Shredding Everyone!!

Until next time... peace!