Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ever since I first stumbled upon Shred Betties, I've become addicted. This website is awesome for girls who shred or is interesting in learning to shred. They have so many helpful articles and links. The forum is awesome. I can stay up to date with everything that's going on in the snowboard world. I love it. I'm proud to be on their street team and I will do everything in my power to spread the word about this amazing website!

Check it out at

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review: Burton Mint

These boots have gotten me through most of the season. I got them in December as a Christmas present from my boyfriend, and well, these are the best boots I've ever had. I was skeptical at first... I was used to the Boa system that was on my old boots - Vans Encore.

I like my boots SUPER tight, and the first week of wearing these had me worried because I couldn't get them anywhere near as tight as my Vans. Well, after that first week I got them good and broken in, and now they are AWESOME. I've worn them at least 80 days on the snow, more than that counting days at work, and put them through hell and they still look brand new. My feet stay dry, they are comfy, not too soft or too stiff, and have awesome grips on the bottom for those icy hikes.

Here are a few features:

  • Snowboarding's Best Selling Women's Boots - 5 Years Running
  • True Fit Design
  • EVA Cushioning
  • Grip Fit Backstay
  • Imprint 1 Liner
  • Molded EVA Footbed
  • Rubber Ice Spikes
  • Soft Flex Thin Profile 3D Molded Tongue
  • Speed Zone Express Lacing System

I definitely recommend these boots for any level rider! The quality and the price can't be beaten.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The List.

To my fellow instructors out there... maybe you can relate to this.

You know you're a snowboard instructor when:

-You keep spare socks in a purse or backpack

-You tell every parent that their kid was the best in the group just to get a better tip.

-You are completely comfortable walking around in public in your long johns/spandex.

-You know what PSIA/AASI is.

-You have calves the size of Asia because you run up and down the bunny hill all day wearing all your gear.

-You don't worry about fixing your hair or putting on make-up before work - it's messed up within an hour anyways.

-You know every single shop and restaurant to go to because of your employee discount.

- You have a permanent goggle tan and you're proud of it.

-You want to cry when you see bare ground on the slopes in the middle of the season.

-Your best day ever is when you have a group that really enjoys a lesson.

-You despise church groups because they don't tip.

-You know that stickers are a good bribe.

-Your worst day is when you have a group of kids that cry and whine the whole time.

-Even on your day off, you live at the mountain.

-You know that anyone sitting in the middle of the slope is fair game to spray.

-You know that two layers of socks makes your feet colder, not warmer.

-You make fun of people who wear jeans or sweat pants on the slopes, and even more fun when they have them tucked into their boots.

-You can drive in your snowboard boots better than your normal shoes.

-Your back hurts for two days after having a fat kid in a lesson.

-All you think about during the summer is how much warm weather sucks.

-You drink more free hot chocolate in one season than most people drink their entire lives.

-You feel fine riding in a t-shirt when it's 30 degrees outside.

-You say 'good job, let's try it again' during a lesson more than you blink your eyes during the day.

-The value of your gear is more than the value of your car.

-You live on ramen noodles during the winter because your paychecks suck.

-You wake up at 5AM just to get first tracks on a powder day.

-You have 'winter' friends and 'summer' friends.

-You analyze every rider you see even though it's your day off.

- Your constantly saving money for your next AASI exam or event.

-You get home from the bar at 2:30AM and crash with all your gear on because you will get up at 6AM and do it all over again.

-You can spot a gaper a mile away.

-You're lesson tips you by buying you shots at the bar, and you're perfectly fine with that.

-The only reason you got the job was for the free pass and discounts.

-There's so many love triangles going on in ski school that you can't keep track of them.

Headphone Beanies - Music To Your Ears =]

This is for all you music junkies out there. Everybody who listens to music when they shred has had their share of fights with bulky headphones or earbuds. They fall out of your ears or slide off your beanie, causing you to stop or slow down to fix the problem.

Well, there is a solution! These beanies plug right into your iPod or other music device giving you worry free shredding! Headphone beanies are becoming more and more popular, with most brands carrying at least one style. In most, the ear peices come out so you can wash your beanie or just sport the headgear without the speakers. Some even feature a convenient volume control on the cord so you listen when you want.

Even if you don't snowboard, these beanies are awesome for running, biking, or any activity when you would listen to music and wear a beanie.

Here are a few:

Bula Irvine

Bula StereoHead Keno

Bula Anna

Neff Classic Skull Candy

O'Niell H4 Equator

Nixon Falcon

Thirty Two Latitude

Volcom Shultz

Red Ordinance Audex AudioBeanie*

*This beanie is even padded to protect your noggin' and keep it warmer!

DC Bernie

Bonfire Skull Crusher

Burton Patchwork

Burton Audex

Burton Kactusbunch

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Video: Torah Bright

Don't mess with Torah!

Video: Lisa Wiik

Here's a cool video of Lisa Wiik singing her way through the day...

Review: Burton Blender 148

So the season is well over and it's time to review the board that's gotten me through it.

Burton Blender 148

Weight: This is definitely one of the lightest board I've ever ridden.

Edge Hold: Very good edge hold. You can make super tight turns and it sticks right in there.

Pop: Super poppy! I love it! You can pop off pretty much anything rather effortlessly.

Flex: VERY flexy. This board is like a noodle, which is exactly what I wanted. Also, the Scoop Technology in the nose and tail makes buttering SO much easier and almost impossible to catch an edge.

The graphics on all these boards are awesome. Who doesn't like polka-dots?! =] It has some of the latest snowboard technology: Sintered Vision base, Rail Ready Park Edges, and Scoop Technology nose and tail shape. With all these, plus the boards true twin shape, you can rip the park a new one with ease.

With all that said, I give this board a definite 2 thumbs up!

Friday, April 24, 2009

From the Snow to the Streets? Really?

Are these even wearable? What are these? They look sorta cool... but just because it's made from snowboard bindings. I mean, WTF?

They are made by a designer company called Balenciaga and these heels are called the Sportilettos. They do combine sportiness with the stiletto, but damn. I can't decide if I love these just because it involves snowboarding, or hate them because it's just such a crazy idea.

Tara, Torah, and more!

^This chick is my hero. ^

Tara Dakides is the definition of womens snowboarding. She has done so much for the industry and has proven that us girlies can fly just as high as the guys.

Check her out @

Another awesome shredder is Torah Bright. She has been a big inspiration to me, along with any girls who ride, and has set the bar even higher in the industry.

You can check her out @

Some other female shredders that are pretty wicked awesome are: Hannah Teter, Marie-France Roy, Molly Aguirre, Anne-Flore Marxer, Jamie Anderson, Kelly Clark, Raewyn Reid, Ellery Hollingsworth, Kjersti Buaas and many, many more!

To keep track of their standings check out

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Design your own custom Burton snowboard!

Create your own one-of-a-kind personal shredding masterpiece! With Burton's Series 13, you can design your own custom board, guaranteeing that you will be the only one on the slopes with your rad design! Use your own personal artwork or graphic by uploading a picture from your computer, or choose one of Burton's themes that you can customize.

First, you can choose from 15 pro models, though they only offer 3 women's boards - Feelgood ES, Stria, and Avenue. After selecting size, stance, and flex options, you can upload your graphic or choose one of Burton's customizable themes. Then, after choosing sidewall color and base (you can put your own words on the base for an extra $25 bucks), you're ready to shred!

For $824.95 I can get a Burton Stria with the 'Safari' theme. Come on, who doesn't like animal print?! I can even show off my ' rocks' base while throwing down some style in the park!

Burton Headphone Beanie

Tired of those earbuds falling out of your ears? Those bulky Skull Candy's not staying in place? Well Burton has a solution. The Burton Headphone Beanie plugs right into your iPod or music player and comes in many different styles and colors, and even offers amazing sound quality! Other features include a volume control on the cord, and earpieces that come out if you want to just sport the headgear.

With the built-in headphones, this beanie integrates music and snowboarding to give you shredding joy. =] This is definitely a must have for the snowboard music junkie!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Highlights of the day...

Did you show mother nature some love today? I hope so! :)

I think it's national animal suicide day... I witnessed a poor innocent little kitten get run over by a car, followed by crazy convulsions in the road... then on my way home from work, I hit a possum AND came within inches of hitting a cat myself... what a day!

A couple friends came to see me at work tonight. That was the ONLY thing that made the night go by faster.

Not much else exciting today...

Rock on!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day!

^^Plant a tree!^^
Pick up some trash...
Do SOMETHING to make mother nature happy :)

p.s. Beech Mtn is totally gonna have a white Earth Day
b/c it is snowing, and hopefully it will stick around for a bit.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lower Pond Creek Hike

So my friend Katie came up today and we all decided to go on a hike.
This was the most strenuous, hardcore hike I've ever been on
in my entire life. I thought I was going to DIE before I got back
to the car. It was fun, and I got plenty of pretty waterfall pics :)

Now I just need a new camera so I can take some better pics. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Come on, keep building those houses.

Well... the hiking I wanted to do today didn't go as planned :(
We went to hike West Bowl Loop Trail and couldn't find it even with the map...
when we got back home I looked it up on Beech
Mtn's hiking website and they took down all the signs b/c
it's closed due to development :( Damn people and their houses lol.

I just had a wild idea... so I'm out.

Peace & Love!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I love this mountain.

I love it here on the mountain. I've found out that mountain
life is definitely the life for me! The best part about it?
I have the 2 things I love the most at my fingertips.
Dustin, of course, and snowboarding. With all the drama
going on with the resort I teach at, I hope next season it's
still the same kick ass place it's been the past couple years.
I guess there's drama anywhere you go though.
You can't EVER escape drama.

I STILL really want a pet bobcat. Wouldn't that be the coooolest?!
It would definitely be the most badass cat on the block!
They are SO cute when they are little,
and even when they grow up, they are the most beautiful feline ever.
If only I can dish out the $1,500 for one of those lil furballs.
Hmm... on the birthday list maybe? haha.
I doub't that would ever happen.

^ See?! They are just like a normal lazy housecat on steroids!

Well that's enough rambling for now.

Peace out & Rock on!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So this is my first blog. Hooray! I will be posting stuff VERY soon for your enjoyment.

Rock on! <3