Thursday, November 8, 2012

Picture Addiction

It seems like every time I step out my front door I'm so amazed by the beautiful scenery that surrounds me that I just have to take a photo. Mountains, water, beaches, waves, eagles, snow... you name it. Then I realize that I've taken photos of those same mountains a bazillion times in just the short time I've been in Juneau. It's just that gorgeous here! Although I'm trying to control my photo addiction, Dustin did snap a few good ones of the sunset earlier. Yes, I know what you're thinking... ANOTHER sunset photo, but this one is worth it, I promise :) Just something about the silhouette of the mountains, the clouds, and that wonderful big ball of fire in the sky makes this photo worth sharing. Good job with the camera, Dustin!  

That just fueled my photo frenzy and we drove further 'out the road' to try to get another shot of the sunset. We ended up at Lena Beach just a few minutes too late and the sun was pretty much gone. I ended up walking around the beach looking for marine life in the tide pools. I did find a lot of these guys in the pools... 

Not sure exactly what he's called. My guess is some type of sea anemone. If you know what he really is, please enlighten me. We are definitely making a point to go tide pooling in the near future. Hopefully we'll find all kinds of cool little sea creatures! 

Anyways, today I am thankful for my Xtratuf boots I purchased shortly after arriving in Juneau. I saw everyone wearing these boots and thought to myself, 'no way am I gonna get these if everyone else is wearing them', but now I see why! They are comfortable, warm, and waterproof! Apparently every true Alaskan owns a pair, and seeing how much it rains here explains why. Puddle, I will conquer you! Now I can splash my way through the streets, creeks, saltwater, and snow with no worries!

I just wish they didn't move their production from the U.S. to China, because now apparently they are getting the nickname 'Not-So-Tufs' because they fall apart. Thanks, China. I hope mine lasts me forever!

Creek, take that!

And they led us to a beached jellyfish a few weeks ago...


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