Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Review: Burton Feelgood 149

So this is what I will be riding quite a bit this season - 2009 Burton Feelgood. It's paired with 2009 Burton Escapades.

I've gotten a few days of riding in on it, so I figured I might as well do a review on this board!

Weight: This board is definitely one of the lightest boards I've ridden. Light swing weight makes spinning a breeze!

Edge hold: I've ridden this board on hard packed snow, light pow, and slush, and I have to say that it holds an edge extremely well on almost any snow condition. Carving on this board is SO fun!

Pop: Doing an ollie with this board is as easy as cake. Definitely good for jumps.

Flex: Not as soft as my Blender, but not stiff either. This board has a medium flex, making it very stable at high speeds but yet pressable at the same time.

I love the graphics and it's an all round awesome board. I would not recommend this board for beginners, but it's perfect for intermediate to advanced riders who want to progress their skills and have a board that will keep up as well.

Beech Mtn Resort Snowsports Learning Center...

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Snowboarding is Love

So the past few days have been really good riding.

Snow conditions have been ok, just wish we had the top of the mountain open. I finally dialed in my heelside 180s today. I feel super confident doing 180s off both my heel edge and toe edge now. Time to work on the 360s :)

I LOVE my new Burton Feelgood. Super poppy and very easy to ollie.
Both my boards rock :)

For some reason I feel really good about this season. It's hopefully gonna be a great progression year for me.

We are supposed to have a flat box out Friday, so I'm excited about that. At least it's SOMETHING to play around on until we get the park set up.

The end of last season I learned how to spin a little on boxes, so I'm stoked to give that a try again.

I've once again realized just how much I love snowboarding. Even if I have to live off of ramen and be broke most of the time, it's totally worth it. Snowboarding is so much more than a sport, it's a lifestyle... a lifestyle that I've fallen in love with!

Happy Shredding!

Ski Beech Opening Day!

So I haven't had much time to update the blog lately, so here's how opening day went...

Ski Beech opened on Saturday, Dec 5th with 3 slopes: Lower Shawneehaw, Freestyle, and the Play Yard.

The weather was pretty crappy. Although it was snowing, it was really windy, and ALL the snow guns were on so it made it extremely difficult to see or hear anything other than the guns. It was also extremely foggy. Towards the end of the day, you could barely see your hand infront of your face. Snow conditions were ok... since there was a very thin base, they didn't groom, making it choppy and not very easy on the knees, but the natural snowfall left a couple inches of fluffiness on top to make it a little better :)

Even though the weather sucked, I was still very happy to finally get back on my board.

Teaching lessons in those conditions were pretty much impossible, but I had 2 that day.

Not a very good day to start things off, but at least things have finally started!!

Here are some photos of opening day:

Alex and I

myself on the lift

press to impress

So that pretty much sums up opening day!