Thursday, October 28, 2010


I know I said I'd update after the Forum F'it premiere… but after consuming lots of alcohol that night, I was under the weather for a couple days. I'm never mixing beer and liquor again.

Anyways, I was super surprised when I won a copy of the video in the raffle! It was the first thing I'd ever won in my life! Oddly enough, I won something in the Betty Rides Twitter contest a couple days ago… supposedly they are sending me something in the mail. Hope my luck with winning stuff continues. Gonna enter every contest I can find!

Back on topic, the Forum video was awesome. There were several parts where I was laughing my ass off… Stevie Bell as a body builder… priceless. haha! The riding was solid… very creative. The editing was cool, and they threw in some comedy. That video gets an A+ in my book!

The afterparty… well, I don't remember much of the afterparty. I remember seeing Cameron Pierce at the bar, and him and my boyfriend discussing camber, and CP saying he doesn't like reverse camber… WHAT?! Who doesn't like reverse camber?! Apparently after drinking lots of Yuengling and throwing in a variety of liquor shots here and there, I was done. All in all, it was a super fun night. Hope something like that happens again in the high country.

Our internet is out… again. So I have to walk down to the clubhouse to do anything online, so until that problem is solved, the updates will be sparingly. Since the Club closed for the season I'm now jobless till the resort opens, so there will be lots of 'praying for snow' posts I'm sure. haha. I sure hope this winter is another good one like last season!!

Happy Shredding for those of you who can get on the snow this early in the season!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

This & That

It's been a couple weeks since I've posted, so here's a lil update.

Forum's F'It Premiere is tomorrow night at ASU. Only a buck to get in so I'm totally not missing it. You should come too.

Last weekend was the last few days at the Club. Now it's unemployment money till Beech Mountain Resort opens.

Speaking of the resort... they posted a list of the park features that we will have this season. You can see them here.

The radiator in the 4Runner is screwed. Got one coming in the mail so it's cheaper to get it fixed. Can't drive anywhere till that happens... which was supposed to be today but thanks to slow ass Fed-ex it will be tomorrow before we get it, and now the mechanic shop is booked till Monday.

Anyone know how to get rid of poison oak or poison ivy? Not sure which one but I've got it on the back of both of my arms. Went camping a week ago so it's gotta be from that. It is driving me nuts. I wanna scratch. :(

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Snowflex is FUN!

So my trip to Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre was SO much fun! Snowflex is definitely WAY different than snow. The biggest difference is edging on it. If you try to edge hard to turn sharp or stop, your board will just wash out from underneath you. I found this out the hard way! haha. Snowflex is not as responsive as snow... gotta kinda 'hop' into your turns rather than just flow into your turns like on snow.

Landing on snowflex is really soft. They have layers and layers of padding to cushion your landings.... just don't fall on a sprinkler. I took a sprinkler to the knee and it did NOT feel good. Even though it was rather soft, it was really poppy. I could just barely ollie and get some decent air. The jumps were suuuper smooth! They had several boxes and they all were super fast. Once you got on the box it seemed like a split second and you were off of it. Felt like they put butter on all the boxes! ha.

The main thing I didn't like about the place is that they didn't have lockers, which sucks because you are constantly soaked from the sprinklers being on all the time, and a dry hoodie every few hours was a must. They definitely need lockers so you don't have to walk down to your car every time you need something.

The only other thing that was annoying was the lift system. It was a handle tow, which normally wouldn't be bad at all, but you had to hang on to this thing FOREVER, and it was a pretty steep grade to get to the top, so by the time you finally made it your hands are on FIRE. Some people were putting the metal handle behind them instead of in front. This technique sucked as well. After about 3 trips to the top, the metal handle felt like it was ripping through my waist.

By the time we left, I had blisters on both hands and several bruises on my waist and hip from that damn lift. They really need to do something about that. Everything else was awesome though! Can't wait to go back! Snowflex will never be better than real snow, but it is pretty amazing!

Friday, October 1, 2010


So tomorrow will be an exciting day for sure! We are leaving here around 8AM to make the 4+ hour drive to Lynchburg, VA to the Liberty Snowflex Centre. Tomorrow is the most important day... we'll be meeting with some very important people in the snowflex industry to hopefully bring something extremely f'n awesome to the Boone/Banner Elk area. Something like this has been a dream for as long as I've known what a snowboard was... and thanks to fate for meeting a new friend and possibly making it a reality! Keep you fingers crossed! Also, the Fall Jam is tomorrow night. It is a rail jam fundraiser for the Liberty University Freestyle Team and the USASA. Should be pretty exciting to watch!

Sunday and Monday we'll be riding all day! :) It will be the first time I've been on a board since April. Gosh I can't wait! I even had a snowflex dream a couple nights ago! haha. Weird but it felt so real! I'm just happy to be able to get on my board again. A lot of people don't realize that snowboarding is a lifestyle, not just a sport. I live it and breathe it. I want to enjoy snowboarding as much as possible while I'm young and physically able. Afterall, isn't the main purpose in life to enjoy every second of it?!

There will be plenty of pics and videos when I get back, so keep watching for an update!