Sunday, April 26, 2009

Review: Burton Blender 148

So the season is well over and it's time to review the board that's gotten me through it.

Burton Blender 148

Weight: This is definitely one of the lightest board I've ever ridden.

Edge Hold: Very good edge hold. You can make super tight turns and it sticks right in there.

Pop: Super poppy! I love it! You can pop off pretty much anything rather effortlessly.

Flex: VERY flexy. This board is like a noodle, which is exactly what I wanted. Also, the Scoop Technology in the nose and tail makes buttering SO much easier and almost impossible to catch an edge.

The graphics on all these boards are awesome. Who doesn't like polka-dots?! =] It has some of the latest snowboard technology: Sintered Vision base, Rail Ready Park Edges, and Scoop Technology nose and tail shape. With all these, plus the boards true twin shape, you can rip the park a new one with ease.

With all that said, I give this board a definite 2 thumbs up!

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