Monday, January 30, 2012

Shaun, Oh Shaun...



Can you believe that crap? Yes, it was an amazing run. But to get a perfect score? Not so much. I think a 99 or hell, even a 99.9 would've been more justified. I'm not a big fan of Shaun White, mainly because I think he's gotten too star struck and sold out. I'm not even gonna get into the 'leggings' . How did he not rip those? haha. Anyways, I'm not hatin' on Mr. White. He does have mad skills and goes bigger than everyone else, but it just annoys me that the judges think his run was worth a perfect score. If it's a perfect 100, then where's room for improvement? 

Here's the vid

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update :)

Haven't posted in a while so I'll give everyone an update. Not much excitement around these parts thanks to mother nature. All the NC resorts have came close to closing several times because we have week long rain and warm temp spells. Guess we can't always have winters like the last couple :( 

Anyways, there are a few fun happenings that I can share with everyone. The Roots Ride Rail Jam was a success. Lots of riders came out and the setup was pretty insane. Everyone was happy :)

New Years was fun. Lots of drunken times and craziness at the Beech Tree. 

We've had some really fun park setups at Beech the past few weeks. It's really helped me progress with some new tricks :) 

I'll post a better update later with some pics and vids from the past few weeks.

Happy Shredding