Monday, July 30, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 7

What a day. I've craved food SO bad today. I see why this is supposed to be the hardest day. It sucked. But I held strong and I'm determined to finish!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 6

I'm on the downward path now that I've surpassed day 5. Today, day 6, has been exceptionally well. No hunger, no cravings, and I've felt AMAZING! I might just do this an extra day or two if I can. The book said day 7, which is tomorrow, is the hardest. I'm prepared for the worst. I'm off, so I won't be around food which will hopefully be a good thing. The salt water flush in the mornings have been getting easier every day. Today I chugged almost the full 32oz. in one setting. I was thorougly impressed with myself on that one. :)

I've been adding lime juice in with the lemon juice to give the lemonade a little extra kick. It's good to change the taste a bit every once in a while. 5 straight days of drinking nothing but the lemonage will take it's toll on you. Maybe that's why yesterday was so hard. Today, I've actually looked forward to every drink because it tastes so good. Lime is the only other thing you can substitute, but it's recommended you stick to the fresh squeezed lemon juice the majority of the cleanse.

Happy Cleansing!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 5

I'M HALFWAY THERE! Yay me! Haha. Today has DEFINITELY been the hardest day so far. I've not been hugry at all, I've just been craving EVERYTHING that passes under my nose at work. Being at work is what's making it hard. If I wasn't smelling all this delicious food the entire time I'm at work, then it would be a breeeeeze! Only 5 more days... I just gotta keep telling myself that... 5 more days... 5 more days.

Happy Cleansing!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 4

Well I'm 'almost' halfway there. Today has been great. I've felt great, had tons of energy. No food cravings at all. I haven't really been 'hungry' at all so far. If I can make it 6 more days then I'm gonna reward myself with a feast at The Frog and Monkey, a local organic eatery. Of course, you can't just jump right into solid food. The procedure for coming off the detox is on day 11, just drink orange juice or some other type of juice all day, then day 12 you can move up to soups (homemade, not processed can soups), then on day 13 it's time to chow down! But on healthy food of course :)

Happy Cleansing!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 3

Well day 3 has been a success. Very temped to grub on some food at work tonight but I stuck to my guns and resisted. I sure hope it gets easier from here on out!

Happy Cleansing!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 2

Well today was day 2 of the detox. It was definitely harder than yesterday. Mainly because it was seafood buffet night at work. Seafood is my favorite. It was torture! The salt water went down a lot smoother this time. Still gross though!

But I DID survive the day. Only actually felt 'hungry' a couple times. Mostly just had food cravings all day. Especially with fried shrimp, oysters, crab cakes, and mussels staring at me all night.

Onto day 3! Happy Cleansing!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 1

Well I've made it a full 24 hours on the Master Cleanse. I started last night with the senna tea, then did the saltwater flush this morning which nearly made me gag. NOT a fan of chugging salt water!

I've been drinking the lemonade like crazy all day. I bet I've had at least 15 cups. I lost count after 10. The lemonade actually tastes pretty good once you get used to the cayenne pepper taste. I had a couple cups of herbal mint tea, which is the only other thing allowed.

I thought it would be hell trying to make it through work, which is in a restaurant, with all the food and smells everywhere. Honestly, it didn't even phase me. Not once have I gotten hungry today. I'm sure I'll be starving tomorrow, but my will power will get me through this and onto a detoxified lifestyle! :)

Dustin on the other hand... he claims his stomach is eating itself he's so hungry. I'm trying to be encouraging so he'll stick it out, but it's just not meant for some people I suppose.

I'll probably drink a couple more cups of lemonade in the next hour, and the senna tea before bed. Hopefully calling it an early night while on this thing will help curb hunger as well. You can't be hungry when you're asleep, right?

Onto day 2...

Happy Cleansing! :)


What am I going to do to keep my mind off of food for the next 10 days? Make hemp bracelets, of course :)

I should have quite the collection by the time my cleanse is over!

I'll have an update on day 1 of the Master Cleanse later tonight.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Time to DETOX!

Well I have everything I need, finally, to start the Master Cleanse tomorrow. I'm excited and kinda nervous at the same time. I'm wondering how I'm gonna handle all the food cravings, especially working in a restaurant, but I know I can manage. It's all about the will power, right? 

Anyways, to those not familiar with the Master Cleanse, here is a short description:


After years of eating fast food, sodas, processed foods, and having a daily intake of all those harsh chemicals in our everyday food, sometimes your body needs to hit the 'reset' button. What the Master Cleanse is exactly, is flushing those bad toxins out of your body. Some people do it for weight loss, some for detoxifying the body of years of harmful buildup. 

The recipe is quite simple. You take an 8oz glass of warm water (non-flouridated), add 2tbs organic lemon juice, 2tbs organic grade B maple syrup (it is extremely important that it's grade B), and 1/10tbs organic cayenne pepper (or more if you can handle it). You MUST drink a minimum of 6-12 glasses per day, the more the better and more effective it is.

Long story short, the lemon juice breaks down all those toxins, the cayenne pepper acts like little 'scrubbers' to loosen those toxins up more, and the maple syrup gives you the energy and nutrients you need on a daily basis to continue an active lifestyle.  

But you don't want your body to absorb all that bad stuff again, right? This is where it gets a bit, um, gross. You basically have to flush it all out somehow, so that's where the herbal laxative tea at night and the salt water flush first thing in the morning comes in. I hate saltwater, but I'm gonna suffer through it. If you absolutely cannot STAND saltwater, the option of drinking another laxative tea in the morning as well is acceptable, although it isn't as effective as the saltwater flush. The saltwater flush mixture is 32oz of pure non-flouridated water (yes, that sounds like a LOT of water to chug at once) and 2tsp (or 1tbs) of celtic sea salt (no iodine). Basically, be prepared to stand by a toilet for the next hour after drinking the saltwater flush, because what it's doing is flowing through your body and flushing out all those toxins that the lemonade mix breaks down for you. Don't worry about overdosing on salt, the saltwater flush is the same density as blood, so your body doesn't absorb it, it just flows through you. 

In a nutshell, do the saltwater flush first thing in the morning, followed by the first glass of lemonade about 30 min afterwards. Continue to drink as much lemonade as possible, whenever you feel hungry, throughout the day. Drink a cup of the herbal laxative tea at night. Repeat the process for 10 days. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT eat or drink anything other than the lemonade, water, and herbal laxative tea (some versions permit you to drink organic mint tea as well).


If you need more info, which if you are really going to do it, you DEFINITELY need to study up on it more, then go here:

Also, buy this book: The Master Cleanser

I'll be updating this blog daily about my experience! 

Happy Cleansing!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Get Muddy & Stuff...

Well it's that time of year again... time to get muddy on the downhill trails of Beech Mountain Resort. USA Cycling Gravity Nationals is back for the 2nd year and the course is even better than last year. The Pro line is insane, with crazy drops, jumps, berms, and a gnarly rock garden (that got the best of a few riders last year). The Am line is a lot more chill... still technical enough to put your skills to the test, but tamed down a lot more the Pro line. The Dual Slalom course is just as amazing as last year. Pretty much the same course as last year, just shaped and packed to perfection. I'm impressed at the number of girls in this event compared to last year. Yesterday I saw at least double from what I saw last year. Girls are better anyways :)

The main event is Saturday with the Downhill finals and the Brews & Views, which is an all you can drink beer tasting from over 20 vendors for only $20. The beer fest will be going on in the Village. Sunday is the Dual Slalom finals. Both days are going to be a BLAST! And better yet, my lovely friend Katie is coming to spend the day with me Saturday at the beer fest. Dustin and I are working the event Saturday morning, and I think we'll be selling beer which is fine with me because hopefully I'll make some tips! 

Anyways, I'm hoping my Master Cleanse items will come by Monday since that's the day I had planned to start it. It's not gonna be easy, but I'm totally stoked on how the outcome will be (hopefully). I think I can go 10 days without solid food, but beer and wine? That's gonna be the tough one, especially working in food service because every night is so stressful that all I want to do is drink a beer  and relax afterwards. I can do it though, I have faith in myself. :) I'll also be blogging daily when I start the cleanse. 

The Bach's Rescue Remedy pet calming aid I mentioned in my last post came today. I tested it out on Winter and it seems to work quite well. I gave her the recommended 4 drops in her mouth, and about 30 minutes later gave her the vacuum cleaner test. Normally, she runs and hides every time I vacuum the house, but this time she just stayed in her lazy stretched out position on the bed while I ran the vacuum cleaner around. She seemed a bit nervous, but didn't run and hide, which is a first for her. I'm guessing she'll be just fine on the trip to AK. 

Everyone come out to the races this weekend if you can! Beech Mountain Resort is doin' it BIG this summer and there are tons of bike, clothing, and food vendors in the Village. It's FREE to watch and will be a blast! 

Peace <3

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cross-Country Kitty

Well the decision has been made. We're taking Winter with us. In the car. Across the country.

I'm sure it will be an interesting trip with a cranky kitty beside us, but it's cheaper than flying back to get her, and I don't want to put her through the terror of flying on a plane. She does well with cars, I think. The longest car ride she's ever been on is an hour max. Add about 44 more hours to that and I'm sure it will be a WHOLE other story. I'm getting her some Rescue Remedy (a homeopathic pet calming aid) which will hopefully chill her out on the trip. 

Still no luck on finding a place to live. We'll just have to wait till we get there I suppose. I've heard most of the rental listings are by word of mouth, or locally posted rather than being posted online. The Alaskan Hotel and Bar quoted us $300 a week (including Winter) so we can stay there as long as we need to find a suitable place to live. We really wanna be on Douglas Island, where Eaglecrest is located, but we'll settle for the downtown area if we have to. I'd rather not be in the Auke Bay/Valley area unless we absolutely have to. 

Speaking of Eaglecrest, we are OFFICIALLY employed! So stoked. I can't wait to get up there and experience all that Alaska has to offer! 


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Countdown Is On!

Last night I booked our ferry from Bellingham, WA to Juneau, AK. It was kinda expensive, but considering it's for 3 days, and a car is involved, it makes sense. Instead of renting a cabin for the 2 nights, we just purchased a sweet 4 season tent. Camping is allowed on the top deck, and they even have a covered camping area with public restrooms and showers. Why pay an extra $500 when you can camp and see the amazing view for free! (well, sorta free). 

We'll be on this bad boy on September 21st.

Considering I just spend $1,300 it is safe to say that this trip is OFFICIAL!

The countdown is ON! 
*67* days till we depart Beech Mountain for JUNEAU F*CKING ALASKA!

I'm not excited at all. Obviously ;-)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Hope everyone has a spectacular 4th of July! 

Beech Mountain's fireworks show was super awesome! Gonna head to the tip top of Beech tonight to get a 360 degree view of everyone else's fireworks shows! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012