Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I'm getting a white Christmas here. Hope everyone else is as well!
Mine has been pretty awesome so far. I have the best family, friends, and boyfriend a girl could ask for. I wanted to go home for Christmas but I'm still sick (boo for cold meds not working) and I don't wanna make everyone else sick, especially my dad because of his health problems, from me spreading my germs everywhere. So instead I will spend my Christmas day with my boyfriend and on the slopes (working, of course). It's snowing like crazy and it's actually not foggy for a change, so riding today should be pretty dang awesome.

I might even get a lil Christmas edit done if I can get my camera charged in time :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Go Lunar!

Tonight will be epic, but this has nothing to do with shredding. The northern hemisphere will be seeing something magical in the next few hours. It's the first lunar eclipse to happen on the Winter Solstice, and to make the moon red, since 1638. It's also the last lunar eclipse of this kind to happen for over 400 years. Pretty epic in my opinion. I'm not that much into science, or astronomy for that matter, but something this rare is pretty darn cool and needs to be recognized. If you want to see it and you're on the East Coast, set your alarm for around 1:40 and be prepared to set up for about 3 hours. The main event will happen around 2:40. I dunno if eclipses are normally this long, but maybe it's why it makes this one so special. Who knows. All I know is that my ass is setting the alarm and I'm not gonna miss this for the world. Hope everyone can enjoy this spectacular show! Or at least a small part of it!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Couch Crap.

It's World Snowboard Day! :) But where am I? Sitting on my couch chugging cough syrup and eating Halls. How lame. I always get one good cold/cough spell a year, and it's happening now. I guess it's good it's early in the season, but it sucks because I planned on tearing up the slopes today to celebrate this awesome snowboard celebration day! It's a perfect day... sunshine, terrain park is finally up, blue skies.

Trust me, if I was physically capable of going out to ride today, I would totally be out there. My throat hurts so bad that I can't even go outside for more than 5 minutes without feeling like someone is stabbing me in my throat. Today is my get better day. Gonna relax and take it easy and hopefully knock this crap outta me so I can get back out on the slopes, and get back to work!

Hope everyone else is out there shredding and enjoying the snow! Shred some for me! :)

Happy Shredding

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shred Shred Shred

I would like to thank Shred Betties for having me as a spotlight shredder last week! I'm stoked! Shred Betties has long been one of my favorite snowboarding websites and they have some awesome content on the ladies of shred :) If you haven't checked out the site, please do!

Beech has gotten dumped on the past few days. 'Blizzard' conditions has brought us about a foot and a half of fresh! It's been so windy it's hard to get an accurate measurement. Thank you mother nature! Rumor has it that the whole mountain will be open by this weekend. I sure hope so! This is the most snow that this resort has seen so early in the season in a LONG time.

Happy Shredding

Monday, December 6, 2010

Epic Opening Weekend!

So this weekend was the best opening weekend ever for Beech Mountain Resort. Seriously. We opened to the top with great snow conditions, fresh pow, fast quad, cheap lift tickets, and lots of business! Mother nature just keeps dumping the snow on us... 16 inches and counting. This season is definitely going to be the most epic season ever, hopefully for everybody! Thanks to La Nina :)

I'm saving up for either a Flip or a GoPro so my buds and I can have some sweet shots this season. Video quality on the digital camera isn't cutting it, to my liking anyways.

For those shredding in NC, I hope all of you had as good of a weekend as I did!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Snowmaking in Progress!

Beech Mountain Resort started making snow this afternoon! Now the countdown is really on. It will feel so nice to see the ground white at our instructor staff meeting tomorrow. It's also a good feeling when I can step outside on my deck and hear the guns doin' their thing! This season is gonna be epic!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for my awesome friends and family, and my wonderful boyfriend! I'm also thankful for being able to snowboard almost every day during the Southeast season. I'm thankful for finding a wonderful man that loves snowboarding just as much as I do! Snowboarding is definitely an important aspect of my life and I love the lifestyle it brings me. I'm thankful for so far not getting seriously hurt while snowboarding and the happiness it brings me and my boyfriend!

What are you thankful for?

Happy Shredding

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TTR: History of Women in Snowboarding

I'm always on the lookout for videos about women and snowboarding. Female athletes have gone through a lot to get where they are now, and this video highlights some of the important history in female snowboarding.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Try Organic!

Being a snowboard instructor, I rely on Mother Nature and her weather patterns to make a living in the winter. No snow equals no snowboarding, no teaching, no money, and no FUN! I've realized since my lifestyle relies so heavily on the environment, then I should do my part and give back to the environment as much as possible.

I'm starting by going organic. Well, partially organic. Organic food is expensive, and since instructing isn't exactly bringing home the bacon, it's hard to buy ALL organic. I'm starting with the stuff that damages the environment most - produce and meats. The more people buy organic produce and meat, the fewer sprays, harsh chemicals, and damaging runoff will get into the water systems, which will result in cleaner air and water. Here is a great article on why to go organic.

I've been researching organic foods, and there are ways to buy organic on the cheap (well, cheapER). This is a great article that has tips for saving money when buying organic:

We all just want to have lots of snow, right? :) Do some research and try going organic for a month. Organic food just tastes so much better, and it's SO much better for you!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just a Temporary Snow Fix...

Well, looks like Sugar was just a tease. Thanks to warm weather, and rain for the next couple days, Sugar will have to close till colder air hits us. Props to Sugar for putting in the effort to open up so early, even if it was just for a week! This is what the slope conditions look like at the moment...

Not too appealing unless you want to gash your board up. I would love to just sit at the bottom and see how many mud-covered people come down :)

We did get some good turns in Tuesday though. The conditions were awesome considering how warm it was. Felt like spring conditions minus all the slush. The snow surprisingly stayed pretty hard packed. Here are a few pics from Tuesday...

^ I finally got a pic of the kick! ha.

The next bit of cold weather we're supposed to get is next weekend, so hopefully Beech and App will be able to open up soon as well. It felt soooo good to be back on the snow. I can't wait till the REAL season officially gets here!

Happy Shredding

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cataloochee first to open in NC

Cataloochee Ski Area took the cake this year opening 30 minutes before Sugar Mountain Resort. It's always a battle and it's fun to see who tries to out-do each other. Since Cat is so far away, we rode Sugar opening day, which was Saturday, and Sunday. Surprisingly their lift tickets were cheap... $20 half day, $25 full day. Not bad. Props to Sugar for that.

I got interviewed by a reporter for the Winston-Salem Journal Sunday... click HERE to read the article.

Saturday the conditions were ok, especially to be early November. There were a few thin spots but overall the snow conditions were good, thanks to the literally 3o snow guns on the one run they had open that was blowing in my face all day :)

Sunday was much better. The sun came out which made visibility much better, even with all the guns on.

Going riding again today since it's supposed to be nice and warm.

Here's a few pics from our Sunday session.

sunny day and snowmaking at Sugar

Harper and Dustin

doing the kick but the camera man couldn't
seem to take the shot at the right time lol

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winter's coming!

With snow in the forecast for the region, some resorts are about to flip the switch on the snowmaking! Cataloochee Ski Area plans on opening Saturday, and rumors of Sugar Mountain Resort opening as well. There's been lots of improvements at all the area resorts. Beech Mountain Resort, also my home mountain, has made many improvements to make this season the best one yet. I'm so excited to check out all the other resorts this winter to see how much they've really improved. Let's just hope Mother Nature loves us as much as she did last season and brings us lots of snoooooow!

There's a lot of stuff going on in the High Country this weekend. On top of some possible resort openings, the Edge of the World Snowboard Party is happening Saturday, Nov. 6th. They host a skate contest, snowboard rail jam, big glove boxing, raffles, snowboard video premieres and more. It begins at 12PM... don't miss it! Always a fun event.

Beech Mountain Resort and Buckeye Rec Center is also hosting a Kick Off to Ski Season Party on Saturday, Nov. 6th. Starts at 6PM Admission is free but it's $6 if you want to eat dinner there. Speakers from Beech Mountain Resort will be there to talk about all the improvements and what's happening this season at the resort.

I'll be at the Edge party. I want to go to the Kick Off to Ski Season Party but it's on the same day at the same time. Why those two events are always on the same day is beyond me. I'd rather waste my money on raffle tickets to try to win some gear and watch the skate jam and rail jam :)

Hope everyone can make it out to one of the events!

Happy Shredding

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I know I said I'd update after the Forum F'it premiere… but after consuming lots of alcohol that night, I was under the weather for a couple days. I'm never mixing beer and liquor again.

Anyways, I was super surprised when I won a copy of the video in the raffle! It was the first thing I'd ever won in my life! Oddly enough, I won something in the Betty Rides Twitter contest a couple days ago… supposedly they are sending me something in the mail. Hope my luck with winning stuff continues. Gonna enter every contest I can find!

Back on topic, the Forum video was awesome. There were several parts where I was laughing my ass off… Stevie Bell as a body builder… priceless. haha! The riding was solid… very creative. The editing was cool, and they threw in some comedy. That video gets an A+ in my book!

The afterparty… well, I don't remember much of the afterparty. I remember seeing Cameron Pierce at the bar, and him and my boyfriend discussing camber, and CP saying he doesn't like reverse camber… WHAT?! Who doesn't like reverse camber?! Apparently after drinking lots of Yuengling and throwing in a variety of liquor shots here and there, I was done. All in all, it was a super fun night. Hope something like that happens again in the high country.

Our internet is out… again. So I have to walk down to the clubhouse to do anything online, so until that problem is solved, the updates will be sparingly. Since the Club closed for the season I'm now jobless till the resort opens, so there will be lots of 'praying for snow' posts I'm sure. haha. I sure hope this winter is another good one like last season!!

Happy Shredding for those of you who can get on the snow this early in the season!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

This & That

It's been a couple weeks since I've posted, so here's a lil update.

Forum's F'It Premiere is tomorrow night at ASU. Only a buck to get in so I'm totally not missing it. You should come too.

Last weekend was the last few days at the Club. Now it's unemployment money till Beech Mountain Resort opens.

Speaking of the resort... they posted a list of the park features that we will have this season. You can see them here.

The radiator in the 4Runner is screwed. Got one coming in the mail so it's cheaper to get it fixed. Can't drive anywhere till that happens... which was supposed to be today but thanks to slow ass Fed-ex it will be tomorrow before we get it, and now the mechanic shop is booked till Monday.

Anyone know how to get rid of poison oak or poison ivy? Not sure which one but I've got it on the back of both of my arms. Went camping a week ago so it's gotta be from that. It is driving me nuts. I wanna scratch. :(

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Snowflex is FUN!

So my trip to Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre was SO much fun! Snowflex is definitely WAY different than snow. The biggest difference is edging on it. If you try to edge hard to turn sharp or stop, your board will just wash out from underneath you. I found this out the hard way! haha. Snowflex is not as responsive as snow... gotta kinda 'hop' into your turns rather than just flow into your turns like on snow.

Landing on snowflex is really soft. They have layers and layers of padding to cushion your landings.... just don't fall on a sprinkler. I took a sprinkler to the knee and it did NOT feel good. Even though it was rather soft, it was really poppy. I could just barely ollie and get some decent air. The jumps were suuuper smooth! They had several boxes and they all were super fast. Once you got on the box it seemed like a split second and you were off of it. Felt like they put butter on all the boxes! ha.

The main thing I didn't like about the place is that they didn't have lockers, which sucks because you are constantly soaked from the sprinklers being on all the time, and a dry hoodie every few hours was a must. They definitely need lockers so you don't have to walk down to your car every time you need something.

The only other thing that was annoying was the lift system. It was a handle tow, which normally wouldn't be bad at all, but you had to hang on to this thing FOREVER, and it was a pretty steep grade to get to the top, so by the time you finally made it your hands are on FIRE. Some people were putting the metal handle behind them instead of in front. This technique sucked as well. After about 3 trips to the top, the metal handle felt like it was ripping through my waist.

By the time we left, I had blisters on both hands and several bruises on my waist and hip from that damn lift. They really need to do something about that. Everything else was awesome though! Can't wait to go back! Snowflex will never be better than real snow, but it is pretty amazing!

Friday, October 1, 2010


So tomorrow will be an exciting day for sure! We are leaving here around 8AM to make the 4+ hour drive to Lynchburg, VA to the Liberty Snowflex Centre. Tomorrow is the most important day... we'll be meeting with some very important people in the snowflex industry to hopefully bring something extremely f'n awesome to the Boone/Banner Elk area. Something like this has been a dream for as long as I've known what a snowboard was... and thanks to fate for meeting a new friend and possibly making it a reality! Keep you fingers crossed! Also, the Fall Jam is tomorrow night. It is a rail jam fundraiser for the Liberty University Freestyle Team and the USASA. Should be pretty exciting to watch!

Sunday and Monday we'll be riding all day! :) It will be the first time I've been on a board since April. Gosh I can't wait! I even had a snowflex dream a couple nights ago! haha. Weird but it felt so real! I'm just happy to be able to get on my board again. A lot of people don't realize that snowboarding is a lifestyle, not just a sport. I live it and breathe it. I want to enjoy snowboarding as much as possible while I'm young and physically able. Afterall, isn't the main purpose in life to enjoy every second of it?!

There will be plenty of pics and videos when I get back, so keep watching for an update!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

World Snowboard Day

Ok everybody, mark your calendars! December 19th, 2010 is World Snowboard Day!

Grab your board, a friends board, or even go rent a board and come out and shred with the world!

The slopes better be loaded with shredders on this day or I will be disappointed! Grab your shred stick and get out there! :)

click photo to go to site

Monday, September 20, 2010

10/11 Season Goals

Everyone has a list. A list of what they want to achieve during the season. Goals are important in snowboarding. If you don't set goals for yourself, you will never push yourself and reach the next level. My goal last season was to get more comfortable on boxes and finally hit a rail.

By the end of the season, I was totally comfortable with board slides, nose slides, tail slides, and tail presses on boxes, with an occasional 180 off. I hit a rail for the first time... and actual rail. Not a piece of metal an inch off the ground... a battleship rail! Most people start with flat rails, but for me? Nah, I wanted to show that battleship who was boss! Everyone was making it look so easy, so I grew a pair and decided to just do it one day... and guess what... I rocked it!

Every time I do a new trick, I always think "Wow! That was easy! Why was I so scared?!" I know I'm capable of anything. That's how you gotta think if you ever want to DO anything. By the end of the season, rails seemed WAY less intimidating to me. I felt comfortable on a flat rail, double barrel rail, battleship rail, and a flat-down-flat rail.

Here's my goals for next season:

- throw 360's front and backside off a jump
- throw big stylish 180's with grabs off a jump
- 180 on and off boxes comfortably
- get more comfortable on rails and
be able to do at least 5 different
tricks on rails (also boxes)
- NOT get hurt!!

Those seem like pretty reasonable, and achievable, goals to me. We shall see!!!

What are your goals for the season?

Hiking on Beech

Our trail of choice today was Upper and Lower Pond Creek trail. Round trip totalled to 4 miles with about 800 ft of vertical change top to bottom. I could not believe how well I handled that hike... normally I'm huffin' and puffin' ready to pass out by the time we hike back up Lower Pond. I have my p90x to thank for that! I can't believe how easily it seemed this time. Our friends Ray and Pam joined us for the adventure. Hopefully Dustin and I can get some more hiking in before winter!

Here's some pics!

We made a friend along the way

Waterfall photo op!

Dustin and I taking a shortcut haha

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get Your Beech Season Pass!

Beech Mountain Resort's Super Saver Season Pass Sale is starting tomorrow, September 15th! At only $350, this is a deal you don't wanna pass up. This price is limited to only 200 passes, so call and reserve your pass before they are all gone! Here's the # - 1.800.438.2093 ext 213. At that cheap deal, you have no excuse not to be tearin' up the slopes this season.

Speaking of this snow season... the 6 new PoleCat's that the resort recently put up look AMAZING! I can't wait to see how much snow those bad boys are gonna put out!

photo from

Monday, September 13, 2010

2010 Supergirl Jam

The Supergirl Jam held in Venice Beach, CA is a super fun event and I would love to go to it someday! It features snow, skate, and inline and is a really good chance for unknown riders to get recognized.

Check it out.

Congrats to all the winners! Good luck next year!

Final results


1 - Danyale Patterson Anchorage, AK
2 - Desiree Melancon Riverside, CA
3 - Laurie Currier Wrightwood, CA


1 - Alexis Sablone New York, NY
2 - Rachel Reinhard Colorado Springs, CO
3 - Jessica Florencio Campinas, Sao Paulo Brazil

Inline Skate:

1 - Fallon Heffernan Jacksonville Beach, CA
2 - Aarin Gates Camarillo, CA
3 - Crissy Grasselli Caxias do Sul, Brazil

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cool Temps = Happy Me!

Woke up extra early this morning for work. Stepped outside and wow, it was cold! Cold compared to what it's been all summer anyways. Checked the temp and it was 45 degrees! Yay! I put on a hoodie and sat outside and watched the sunrise, which was beautiful this morning! It's been rather cool all day. The temp right now is in the mid 50's. Coolest day so far this fall! Winter is in the air and that makes me SUPER happy! Forecast for tonight says it will be a low of 39. Might have to put on my new Bonfire snowboarding jacket and enjoy the cool air tonight for a bit.

YaY for cooler temps! :p

Can't wait till I start seeing these...

Friday, September 3, 2010

F'It Film Premiere Coming to Boone!

Great news to shredders in the NC high country! Forum, Foursquare, and Special Blend's newest film, F'It, will be premiering in Boone, NC at Appalachian State University on October 22. This is one of many tour stops in North America, so if you're not in the southeast, there will probably be one near you!

Cameron Pierce, John Jackson, Stevie Bell, Andreas Wiig, and Pat Moore will be on location during the premier. Don't miss this!

For more information, visit

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dear snow, please come soon.

So I know it's gonna be another 2 months before I even have a chance of seeing a snowflake, unless of course mother nature goes loco and sends some white fluffy stuff early. Every day, at some point throughout the day, my boyfriend or I pop a shred flick in the dvd player and stare in sadness that we can't be experiencing the same joy that the snow is giving the riders on tv.

There are SO many good films out there, my new favorite being Factor Films' "They Came From...". This video is INSANE! The riding is awesome... more than awesome actually... some of the tricks I'd never even seen before, and the video editing is just plain badass. Of course, it doesn't beat the awesome producers from Knife Show Inc. Those KS vids are absolutely ridiculous.

As far as p90x goes... I'm on day 4. I did the yoga this morning, and let me tell you... it's hardcore! I couldn't even finish the video because I was so sore from the past few days and some of the positions they were doing was just plain crazy. I'll get there one day though... hopefully by the end of the 90 days I'll be able to do every video with grace! haha. We'll see about that. All I know is that I've GOT to get in good shape for this season. There's so many new tricks I want to learn and things I want to accomplish.

Well that's all for now. If you've suffered through reading this entire long post, then thank you and keep checking back! The closer it gets to shred season, the more snowboarding-related material I'll be posting.

For all you peeps who can get on some snow right now, happy shredding!

For everyone else... peace out!

Monday, August 30, 2010

P90X is kicking my butt!

So I decided to finally get off my ass and do something to get in shape for snowboarding. My wonderful idea is to do p90x, since it makes sense that it's almost exactly 3 months till the resort opens, and p90x is 90 days of ass-bustin exercise. I'm currently on day 2 and I'm so amazed at how hardcore it really is! Plyometrics was the workout today, and let me tell you, it's a muscle burner! I nearly passed out and I wasn't doing the exercises nearly as hardcore as the instructors were.

I know I can stick with it though. When I'm determined to accomplish something, it gets accomplished! Gonna be rockin' the slopes even harder this year for sure!

If anyone out there has actually completed the whole 90 days, and done it the right way, please leave a comment and let me know if it worked for you!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thoughts & Quotes

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you do, you will be successful." - Herman Cain

I love that quote. When my family starts ragging me about pursuing my love for snowboarding, I think back to this quote. Sure, I probably won't make a ton of money teaching snowboard lessons, but that's not why I'm doing it. I want to ride. Every. Possible. Second. I enjoy helping others learn to love the same thing I love most about this earth. Snow, mountains, cold crisp air, and the nature that comes with it is so beautiful.

I know it's not everybody's favorite thing. Some of my friends won't come visit me in the winter because they hate the cold and snow so much. I can't blame them, I hate hot weather! haha.

Nothing makes me happier than flying down the mountain and making it my playground. I'm so fortunate that I've found someone who also shares the same love for snowboarding. The mountain brought me true love and happiness. What more could I ask for?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Deja Vu!

It's August. Yeah, no chance of snow for a while, but I'm going through some major withdrawals. It's getting closer to shred season and I'm getting antsy... I wanna ride!!

Burton's new website has been up for a few weeks, and I'm really pumped about their new Deja Vu V-Rocker snowboard. Here it is...

I want it! Lot the graphics and the tech on this board is awesome. Total park board.

That's all for now folks, pray for snow!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's about time...

Guess what world...

I got a MACbook! Yay! Finally!

Expect lovely updates soon :)

-Happy Shredding!

Friday, August 13, 2010

You are my shooting star...

Last night was amazing. Dustin and I went to the top of Beech to watch the sky for meteors. The Perseid meteor shower is happening now, with the peak being last night. 60 or more meteors per hour? Yeah, there's no way I was missing that one! It was beautiful! We only stayed for about an hour, but we saw SO many of them! We seriously lost count because they were happening so frequently. Definitely the best meteor shower I've ever experienced. What was even better was the fact that the clouds were all around us, except for a perfect circle of clear sky above us. It was like we were at a theatre, with the circle of clear sky as the stage. I hope all those wishes come true! :)

photo from Google Images

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Best Buy can kiss my...

So my wonderful grandparents surprised me yesterday by taking me to Best Buy to buy me one of these... ...only to find out that it wasn't happening. Because they were SOLD OUT. How can they be sold out of Macbooks?! Seriously?! I've been wanting one of these Macbook Pros since they first came out, and I was SO CLOSE to getting one. They will still get me one, but it will be at least a month probably. And yes, I am very impatient. Haha. This is why I am bitching. Of course something would go my way for once and then NOT go my way. FML.
On a better note, my new shred jacket should arrive on my doorstep today! :) Super excited because it's the perfect jacket. It's the Bonfire Aura in Citron. Smooth style, functionality, and it's the color I want! Woohoo! Here is what I will be rocking this winter...

Model not included. ha.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Late night rambling...

Well fuck.

I had a nice long semi-drunken rambling post ready to publish, but this stupid m*ther f*cking laptop randomly decided to refesh the page, and *POOF!* No more post. Grrrr. Really pisses me off. I had worked like 45 min on that one!

Well I guess I better go to bed now before I get mad and break something *coughcoughlaptopcough*

So yeah. Tomorrow's the downhill mountain bike race at Ski Beech Resort, so I'll try to get some pics and have a good event post for it.

Goodnight all.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Don't Pick a Fight with Torah Bright - Round 2!

Over a year ago I posted a video featuring Torah Bright and Kjersti Buaas in a hilarious skit. It must have gotten lots of great responses, because Roxy put out another video of the same skit... only continued. Roxy's videos "Roxy Refreshments" has a number of videos covering everything from trick tips and contest coverage to the team adventures and comedy!

To view the 1st skit, watch it here.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gnarcade - Knife Show

When it comes to Knife Show Inc., all I have to say is... well... I'm speechless. Knife Show has been so influential to me over my shred years. Mike Benson is a FABulous video editor, and the riders are just straight up KILLIN' it! The only thing I wish they would do different is feature at LEAST one girl in their next edit. There are SO many talented girls all over the country that can shred just as good as the male riders featured, and they need to be noticed!
Anyways, here it is...

Saturday, July 10, 2010


So this post will have absolutely nothing to do with snowboarding, believe it or not. Ha. I ran across an old blog that I wrote on back in the day... like years ago, and found some quotes that meant alot to me.
Now I will share those quotes with you and hope they enlighten you as much as they did me.
*The greatest irony in life is knowing that the greatest things worth dying for are the only things worth living for.
*We all die eventually. The goal isn't to live forever. The goal is to create something that will.
*Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
*To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.
*Never let go of anything you can't go a day without thinking about.
*There are some things in life that catch your eye. Then there are those that capture your heart. Persue those.
*Listen closely to your enemies... they tell you your faults.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Finally, My Shred Edit! :)

So I finally made an edit! Well, my boyfriend made it for me actually. What a sweet surprise! :) Wish we could've put a song on the vid but until we get some antivirus, no downloading music :(

Hope you enjoy!

Winter Edit 2010 from Jess Davis on Vimeo.

My shred edit for the 2010 season. All filmed at Beech Mountain, North Carolina.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Scruffy the Knife Show Dog

Well Knife Show hasn't let us down... they've made a new edit! Don't worry, you'll love it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

True Color Films

True Color Films is created by a group of snowboarders that love shredding just as much as I do! Well, except they are professionals.

Starring is:

Filippo Kratter
Lisa Filzmoser
Rene Schnoeller
Alvaro Vogel
Nicholas Wolken

Click the link to see the vid!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bailey Duran - another snowboarding prodigy

So many kids have been killing it the past couple years. I'm not talking about pre-teen kids... I'm talking about the 3-6 yr old range. Here's a lil girl who has no fear and loves snowboarding more than anything in the world! Oh yeah, and she is awesome on the slopes!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I miss snow...

Well it's been a month since I've updated last. I still don't have a working laptop so I can't really update as much as I'd like at the moment. I'm hopefully gonna be getting a Macbook for my birthday next month, so I'll be updating at least twice a week then. I miss my laptop soooo much! The Dell will be tossed off of a cliff somewhere.

Another thing I miss is SNOW. It flurried here on Beech Mtn yesterday and I was extremely happy to see snow. Snowflakes always make me smile cuz the first thing that comes to mind is snowboarding. There's still a good little pile of snow on one of the trails at Beech so Dustin and I might go try to set up a rail or something tomorrow. I have a TON of pics and videos of our spring slush sessions that I wanna post, but no laptop = no pics and edits :(

If you're still shredding, more power to ya! Some resorts are still open and will be open for another month or so. Lucky lucky riders! Here in NC we are lucky to stay open thru mid-March.

Happy Shredding Everyone!!

Until next time... peace!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Season Recap

Wow... it's been a hell of a season! Plenty of snow and good weather, lots of business on the mtn, good grooming and snow conditions... all that and more have made this the best season ever. I've progressed alot in the park and my switch riding. I can hit a RAIL now, yes, a RAIL! haha. If it wasn't for the little homemade rail that we made over the summer, it probably would've never happened. I braved up and hit a battleship and a flat down flat rail. Go me! :) I'm still iffy on bigger jumps. Perfected my 180's and even landed a couple 3's towards the end of the season. I feel really comfy on boxes now. Boardslides and lip slides are a peice of cake. Buttering is SO much fun. I can get 3 rotations before I start feeling a lil dizzy and set my nose down. Definitely my best progression year so far!

Whenever I get my laptop fixed, or on a computer that I can upload vids and pics, I'll have a nice lil edit of the season to post.

But it's not over yet... the chairlifts may be closed down, but the snow is still there. Last week we set up a flat box and a butter box, and yesterday we helped some peeps build a quarterwall, couple jumps, a massive battleship t-box, flat rail, and a flat down rail. Rain is in the forecast, but the next sunny day we'll be shreddin' it up! Gotta make it last while we can!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

B4BC - Shred The Love!

Hey all you Southeast riders... Come out to Ski Beech on Saturday and support Boarding For Breast Cancer! There will be slopestyle and boardercross competitions, music, food, fireworks and tons of fun for everyone. See you there!

Click on photo below to visit B4BC website

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bad News... laptop has died. I'm in the process of getting it fixed or getting a new one, so I won't be able to update much until that problem has been solved :(

As for some good news, Beech Mountain is getting DUMPED on as I type this. Lots of fluffy pow to enjoy in the morning.

Much love & happy shredding!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Cheers to a new year, new friends, and new experiences. It's been a while since I've blogged so I figured I'd let everyone know what's happenin' on the mountain!

A couple weeks into the season I took a spill on the rainbow box and banged my shin up pretty good. I can still ride, but I'm holding off on any park riding until it gets a little better. Don't wanna risk making it worse.

Holiday season has come and almost gone. Beech has been SUPER busy and as a result ski school has sold a ton of lessons, which is good for me because that means $$$! I'm saving up to take my AASI Level 1 in February. Maybe after I get that 'certification' then Dustin and I can close the season out at a different mountain.

Weather has been very cooperative this season so far. We got dumped on and mother nature left us with a couple feet of powder. The temps have remained below freezing for the most part since that storm so we still have a ton of snow everywhere, plus it snowed a few inches last night :) I love snow. Just not subzero temperatures.

The 3rd Rail Jam is coming back on Jan 23rd, so if you're in the area, swing by Beech Mountain Resort and check out the fun festivities!