Sunday, March 28, 2010

Season Recap

Wow... it's been a hell of a season! Plenty of snow and good weather, lots of business on the mtn, good grooming and snow conditions... all that and more have made this the best season ever. I've progressed alot in the park and my switch riding. I can hit a RAIL now, yes, a RAIL! haha. If it wasn't for the little homemade rail that we made over the summer, it probably would've never happened. I braved up and hit a battleship and a flat down flat rail. Go me! :) I'm still iffy on bigger jumps. Perfected my 180's and even landed a couple 3's towards the end of the season. I feel really comfy on boxes now. Boardslides and lip slides are a peice of cake. Buttering is SO much fun. I can get 3 rotations before I start feeling a lil dizzy and set my nose down. Definitely my best progression year so far!

Whenever I get my laptop fixed, or on a computer that I can upload vids and pics, I'll have a nice lil edit of the season to post.

But it's not over yet... the chairlifts may be closed down, but the snow is still there. Last week we set up a flat box and a butter box, and yesterday we helped some peeps build a quarterwall, couple jumps, a massive battleship t-box, flat rail, and a flat down rail. Rain is in the forecast, but the next sunny day we'll be shreddin' it up! Gotta make it last while we can!