Thursday, July 23, 2009

Are You A Bitch?

Most girls I know don't like to be called 'bitches'. I especially don't want to ride a board with 'bitch' plastered over the bottom... with crappy tech and construction... and bad graphics. You can get WAY better technology in a board from Burton or K2 for half of what you would pay for a Bitchboard. I'll say no more and let you read a few articles from a few more 'bitch-haters'...

Angrysnowboarder - Hey Ladies: Avoid the Bullshit

Ashley Swan
son - Bitchboard's Rant

Desert's Don't Snow - Bitchboard's - How to Tell a Snowboard Company is Bad

Don't get me wrong... I'm totally supportive of any company that's all about the progression of women's snowboarding, but there's a fine line between a company that actually helps the sport progress and one that degrades the image of women on snowboards. I know there are people out there who absolutely LOVE Bitchboards. Alex Masterson seems like a very hardworking woman and her snowboard camps seem great as far as getting girls into the sport, but I just don't see how she thinks the word 'bitch' translates to an 'empowered and beautiful female snowboarder'. What parents would let their kid tote around a board with 'bitch' written all over it?

From what it seems like so far, she has successfully tapped into that 'daddy's girl who wants to show off her pretty expensive board and sit in the lodge sipping hot chocolate and boy-watching' market and pissed off those of us who actually do more than one run at a time. In other words... a fake snowboard chick's dream come true.

Ok, enough of my ranting. This company just baffles me.

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