Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beech Update

The past couple weeks have been fun but depressing. Last year by this time, we had the entire mountain open with a hell of a base. Now, we have technically 5 runs open, but it's really just one run from top to bottom. Bare spots. Grass. Mud. Rocks. NOT FUN. But the past couple days of cold weather have allowed us to make some decent snow. We'll be lucky to have another run open by Christmas. The weather forecast calls for rain by Tuesday night. There goes all the snow we're currently making. It's 20 degrees and sunny right now, just wish it would stay like that all winter! Well, in addition to a few good snowstorms :)

My riding has definitely improved since I got my new Smokin' board. It seems so much easier to ollie and pop off of nothing. I feel more stable on rails and boxes, and even landing small jumps feels much more stable than my old board.

Currently I'm sitting on the couch guzzling hot tea and taking Zicam. Thanks to whoever exposed me to the big bad cold that I now have. Didn't work yesterday and I'm taking today off to just rest and try to get better. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, so hopefully I can get out and teach some lessons and ride tomorrow without feeling like I'm dying.

Here's some pics from the past couple weeks of riding.

^ LOVE this one!

^ locking down my frontsides

^ this waterpipe rail is fun!

^ an inspiration on my palm

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  1. Awesome blog and pics! Hopefully the weather will have a quick turn around and we can really get the season started!

    AKA NCSkiFanatic15