Friday, March 28, 2014

Late Night Ramblings...

Warning: this post will be a bit long and pointless. Why? Because I'm in pain and can't sleep. Why am I in pain? Because I unwillingly hugged a stump a week ago while riding through a gully. I'm pretty sure I have a cracked/broken/floating rib(s), or something of the sort.

Lesson learned? Yes. Avoid chest bumping small stumps at all costs. 

I've never had a rib injury before, but I've heard how horrible and painful they are, and now I'm a believer. At least it happened at the end of the season. I know ribs take a while to heal, so with only 8 days left at Eaglecrest, I should be ok and not tempted to huck anything crazy and fall/injure myself further. I start work at Allen Marine the very next day after Eaglecrest closes, and I definitely want to be in tip top shape since there's a bit of physical labor that will probably have to be done to help get the boats prepped for the season. 

Today was a good day at work. We had a good, and surprisingly super polite group of 8th graders in the morning. It's good to know that kids still have decent manners these days, and seem just genuinely nice all around. The afternoon was loads of fun. I kept my riding pretty mellow just from the fear of falling and further injuring myself, but I managed to get a couple good speedy gonzales runs in and lots of good carving. 

Winter seems to want to lay on the one of two spots that cause me pain... my chest. I bet if I rolled over, it would be my back... nice and centered on the rib that isn't normal at the moment. Kitty means well though. All she wants to do is lay on me and be loved. The sound and good vibrations you receive when there's a cat purring on you is quite special.

Enough of my pointless ramblings... here are some fun photos from today :)

Photo by Sarah Milks
Groomer slashin'
Photo by Sarah Milks

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