Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year Begins Again...

I realize this post in a few days late, but oh well! 2015 has been off to a great start already! This year is going to be the best year yet, I just know it! 

2014 was a great year. I experienced quite a bit of change, mostly for the better. The end of last winter season was good, minus cracking my sternum that put me out for a month or so. I got my AASI Level 2 certification, which I never thought I'd achieve when I first started instructing. The summer season was amazing. I went from a 6 year relationship to single. I saw so much epic shit that made my heart feel like it was going to explode that I feel like I should write a book. I had the best crew fam ever. I made so many new friends and met some really interesting tourists. The fall was good, for the most part. I lost my papaw back in October. He was the best papaw any girl could hope for and I miss him every day. Despite the sadness October brought, Halloween was a blast this year thanks to my friends. I got to get some more hiking in that I missed out on during the summer from working so much. Winter started off good but then the snow just disappeared and it seems Mother Nature has put us in time-out, but I'm confident the snow will return sooner or later. The holidays were great. Thanksgiving and Christmas was spent with wonderful friends and I'm so thankful to have such amazing people in my life.

For me, 2015 starts the beginning of a new year and a new outlook. I've decided not to have any 'resolutions' because let's be real, those things never last long anyways, right? I've decided that this year, I'm just going to be ME, and live and love as much as possible. I don't want to take anything for granted. I want to explore nature more than ever. If I don't really have time for hiking this summer, I'm going to MAKE time for it. I have peaks to summit and trails to blaze. I have a couple goals I want to accomplish this year. I want to get my freestyle specialist certification through AASI in the spring and I want to get my 100 ton captains license in the fall. 

I also want to dedicate more time to practicing yoga. Yoga is something I've always loved, but just never made it a priority. The past few months I found comfort in doing at least a few minutes of yoga a day, and I want to continue that not just throughout the year, but make it a lifelong habit to benefit not only my health, but my mind as well.

Also, lets not forget the 2015 PLUNGE CHALLENGE! Haha, this is just something that I thought would be fun to do throughout the year. After a very chilly dip into the ocean back in October with friends, the idea was planted to make it a monthly occurrence for 2015. January 1st was the first plunge we did. The water here in Southeast AK averages between high 30s to low 40s, so why not take a chilly plunge once a month to keep things exciting? Makes perfect sense to me!

To whoever reads this rambling, I hope you have a great 2015, and may it bring lots of love and happiness your way! 

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