Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Best Buy can kiss my...

So my wonderful grandparents surprised me yesterday by taking me to Best Buy to buy me one of these... ...only to find out that it wasn't happening. Because they were SOLD OUT. How can they be sold out of Macbooks?! Seriously?! I've been wanting one of these Macbook Pros since they first came out, and I was SO CLOSE to getting one. They will still get me one, but it will be at least a month probably. And yes, I am very impatient. Haha. This is why I am bitching. Of course something would go my way for once and then NOT go my way. FML.
On a better note, my new shred jacket should arrive on my doorstep today! :) Super excited because it's the perfect jacket. It's the Bonfire Aura in Citron. Smooth style, functionality, and it's the color I want! Woohoo! Here is what I will be rocking this winter...

Model not included. ha.

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