Monday, December 20, 2010

Go Lunar!

Tonight will be epic, but this has nothing to do with shredding. The northern hemisphere will be seeing something magical in the next few hours. It's the first lunar eclipse to happen on the Winter Solstice, and to make the moon red, since 1638. It's also the last lunar eclipse of this kind to happen for over 400 years. Pretty epic in my opinion. I'm not that much into science, or astronomy for that matter, but something this rare is pretty darn cool and needs to be recognized. If you want to see it and you're on the East Coast, set your alarm for around 1:40 and be prepared to set up for about 3 hours. The main event will happen around 2:40. I dunno if eclipses are normally this long, but maybe it's why it makes this one so special. Who knows. All I know is that my ass is setting the alarm and I'm not gonna miss this for the world. Hope everyone can enjoy this spectacular show! Or at least a small part of it!

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