Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rain, Oh Rain.

So not much has been going on since the resort closed. We've had a few mini trips that were fun. Went to Nashville for a few days, went camping for a few days, but now our schedule is clear and we've been dying to ride our new mountain bikes, but it's been nothing but rain, stormy weather for the past few weeks. No bueno! 

Here's a photo of our matching Kona bikes. 
Mine's the purple one of course :)

Other than getting into mountain biking (which is extremely addicting and fun!) The new trail system, the Emerald Outback, on Beech is super fun and well maintained. If you're into biking and are in the area, definitely give it a go! So other than biking and dreaming about snow, I'm pretty much just chillin' until the club opens in May. Then it will be work work work until October.

That's all for now.
Xo Peace Xo

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