Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Saturday With My Sister

Unfortunately I don't get to see my lil sis, Destiny, much so when I could manage two days off in a row over the weekend, it was game on!

I picked her up from school yesterday and off to Beech Mtn we headed. We got back in time to see one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen on Beech. It was breathtaking, and even better that I got to watch it with Destiny.

Today, we woke up and had a good breakfast and headed out the door only to find that I had a flat tire :( but no worries! Dustin saved the day and we had the tire plugged and ready to roll within 30 minutes! Just another reason why I love that man!

We got to Grandfather Mtn (one of my favorite places) and checked out the animal habitats. We saw lots of bears, a couple mountain lions, otters, and lots if deer. Thank goodness all the animals were out and about! I've been there many times and not been able to see anything.

After the animals, we went further up the mountain to the 'mile high' swinging bridge. It was fun and the view was amazing. We got to climb a few big rocks as well :) So happy to see such a big smile on her face!

After heading back to Beech for a good lunch and a quick rest, we headed to Boone to Mystery Hill! I love that place, it's so much fun for all ages. If you're not familiar with Mystery Hill, it's worth a Google and a visit!

What a fun day! So glad I got to spend some time with my sister. Here are some pics!

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