Saturday, September 1, 2012

2 weeks...

In 14 days Dustin and I will be starting our drive across the country! Alaska will be such a good, refreshing change of scenery and we cannot wait to experience all that the 'last frontier' has to offer! It will certainly be an experience of a lifetime!

Making a move this big had never crossed my mind until 6 months ago. It was all small talk until we realized it could become a reality. Now, here we are already hired at Eaglecrest Ski Area, packing up our things, and about to set out on this amazing adventure... all with the love of my life :)

I will certainly be blogging the drive so everyone can experience the roadtrip with us! Keep checking my blog for updates, although I probably won't update much for the next 2 weeks since I'll be packing and getting things in order for the move!


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