Thursday, December 12, 2013

P90X Update...

For those of you who care, I just want to post a quick update on my P90X workout status. I'm in week 4, or the 'recovery' week of the first phase and feel amazing! My endurance is at an all time high and I feel a lot stronger, and can definitely tell during each workout that I'm getting stronger. This week has been kind of a flub though. The last workout I did was Sunday. The reason is because my knee has been hurting a bit and I've decided to take it easy a few days since it's the 'recovery' week, which is just a more toned down week of workouts. Lots of yoga, stretching, and a bit of cardio. It's feeling a lot better so I plan on picking back up on the workouts tomorrow. These non-workout days haven't been wasted though... I've hiked out to the ice caves twice (as you know from the previous post) and did some light yoga and stretching on my own.

I'll post another update as the weeks progress!

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