Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Playing With Fire...

Last night some friends and I had a bonfire at Sandy Beach. We had eight pallets and a ton of cut logs, so you can imagine what kind of fire we had. You couldn't get within 10 ft of it without your eyebrows melting off.  Since I'm spending today and tomorrow couped up inside resting my knee I figured a little outdoor action would feed my soul for a while. 

Oh yeah, the knee thing... so I tweaked my knee on a hike last Wednesday and it's hindered my snowboarding :( I've been stuck inside being an 'office lady' at the snowsports school window, which isn't all that bad since I get to hang out with some of the most awesome ladies ever! :) It's killing me not being able to ride though. Hopefully I can get back in action by the weekend. My knee felt a lot better yesterday, and hopefully after these next two days of resting it and another day in the office Thursday will give it plenty of time to get back to normal. I was pretty convinced it was my meniscus after doing some research, but now that it's feeling a bit better I'm not so sure. Usually meniscus tears take a lot longer to heal. I don't want to push it too early though. We still have a few more months of snowboarding!

Anyways, I tried some light painting last night at the fire. I got some steel wool pads, created a wire sphere thingy to hold it in, attached it to Winter's leash (couldn't find a cable), set it on fire and hit the camera button! It surprisingly turned out pretty well! I love experimenting with photography, and even though I don't have a nice camera, my Canon point and shoot does pretty well! 

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