Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter, where did you go?

Winter, oh winter where have you gone? 

This warm rainy trend is getting old. At least we've had some sunshine over the weekend. The snow sucks... it's literally been an ice rink off the groomer, and sometimes on the groomers for the past week. It's been hitting close to 50 degrees, and a couple days over that even at the top of the mountain. The snow is melting away... new patches of mud, rocks, and trees are appearing almost hourly. Mother nature is drunk and needs to sober up! 

It's still just JANUARY and it feels like it's April. Regardless, riding has still been fun. It reminds me of riding back home with all the icy groomers and super hard pack snow.

Dustin has a fun little terrain park built. There's a jump that's about 20ft to the sweet spot, a rail, and a box. If it wasn't for that, I'm sure there would be a lot of bored shredders out there. Hopefully the temps will drop, the snow will return, and we can get back to shredding the awesome AK pow that we all love. 

Our level 2 exam prep clinic was supposed to be yesterday and today. Our clinician's flight couldn't make it to Juneau because of the dense fog that's been hanging around at sea level for the past 3 days. No flights have made it in or out in the past few days. Poor guy has been airport living for at least 2 days and is now on his way back home. :( Even though that didn't work out, all of us that are going for our level 2 went out and clinic-ed ourselves and it was amazing. We are such a good team and we worked on lots of things that we probably would've worked on in the clinic. I feel like I learned more yesterday than I have all season. Hopefully today will be the same trend. 

Group shot!

The beautiful blue sky and sunshine... and that fog that screwed up our clinic! 

 Sarah and I soaking up the sun.

Me taking in some sun...

Had a bonfire last night on the beach. Twas amazing :)

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