Saturday, November 28, 2009

Southeast Season Kickoff!

A cold front moved into the area Thanksgiving day allowing for snowmaking temps and even bringing a little natural snow. Although the natural stuff didn't last too long, resorts in the area were making snow at full force until the temps today got too warm.

As of yesterday, Nov 27th, only two resorts had opened in the southeast.

Sugar Mountain opened 2 slopes with 'marginal' condidtions, a.k.a. more like mud and rock boarding.

Cataloochee opened with 3 slopes and from the webcam image, it looked like they had a decent amount of coverage. Well, at least enough to where you couldn't see the grass tips sticking up.

Other area resorts including Beech Mountain Resort, where I'm located, and Appalachian Ski Mtn were also making snow.

Last night Beech announced that there was a possibility for the resort to open today, but having quality snow conditions in mind, they are awaiting more cold weather to arrive to get a better base down before opening.

My boyfriend and I rode up to the resort today and checked out the snow conditions. From what we could tell, they have a good bit of snow made and coverage looks good. Hopefully with this next cold front moving in late next week, we'll get the snowmaking we need to finally open!!

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