Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cataloochee first to open in NC

Cataloochee Ski Area took the cake this year opening 30 minutes before Sugar Mountain Resort. It's always a battle and it's fun to see who tries to out-do each other. Since Cat is so far away, we rode Sugar opening day, which was Saturday, and Sunday. Surprisingly their lift tickets were cheap... $20 half day, $25 full day. Not bad. Props to Sugar for that.

I got interviewed by a reporter for the Winston-Salem Journal Sunday... click HERE to read the article.

Saturday the conditions were ok, especially to be early November. There were a few thin spots but overall the snow conditions were good, thanks to the literally 3o snow guns on the one run they had open that was blowing in my face all day :)

Sunday was much better. The sun came out which made visibility much better, even with all the guns on.

Going riding again today since it's supposed to be nice and warm.

Here's a few pics from our Sunday session.

sunny day and snowmaking at Sugar

Harper and Dustin

doing the kick but the camera man couldn't
seem to take the shot at the right time lol

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