Thursday, November 4, 2010

Winter's coming!

With snow in the forecast for the region, some resorts are about to flip the switch on the snowmaking! Cataloochee Ski Area plans on opening Saturday, and rumors of Sugar Mountain Resort opening as well. There's been lots of improvements at all the area resorts. Beech Mountain Resort, also my home mountain, has made many improvements to make this season the best one yet. I'm so excited to check out all the other resorts this winter to see how much they've really improved. Let's just hope Mother Nature loves us as much as she did last season and brings us lots of snoooooow!

There's a lot of stuff going on in the High Country this weekend. On top of some possible resort openings, the Edge of the World Snowboard Party is happening Saturday, Nov. 6th. They host a skate contest, snowboard rail jam, big glove boxing, raffles, snowboard video premieres and more. It begins at 12PM... don't miss it! Always a fun event.

Beech Mountain Resort and Buckeye Rec Center is also hosting a Kick Off to Ski Season Party on Saturday, Nov. 6th. Starts at 6PM Admission is free but it's $6 if you want to eat dinner there. Speakers from Beech Mountain Resort will be there to talk about all the improvements and what's happening this season at the resort.

I'll be at the Edge party. I want to go to the Kick Off to Ski Season Party but it's on the same day at the same time. Why those two events are always on the same day is beyond me. I'd rather waste my money on raffle tickets to try to win some gear and watch the skate jam and rail jam :)

Hope everyone can make it out to one of the events!

Happy Shredding

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