Friday, November 19, 2010

Try Organic!

Being a snowboard instructor, I rely on Mother Nature and her weather patterns to make a living in the winter. No snow equals no snowboarding, no teaching, no money, and no FUN! I've realized since my lifestyle relies so heavily on the environment, then I should do my part and give back to the environment as much as possible.

I'm starting by going organic. Well, partially organic. Organic food is expensive, and since instructing isn't exactly bringing home the bacon, it's hard to buy ALL organic. I'm starting with the stuff that damages the environment most - produce and meats. The more people buy organic produce and meat, the fewer sprays, harsh chemicals, and damaging runoff will get into the water systems, which will result in cleaner air and water. Here is a great article on why to go organic.

I've been researching organic foods, and there are ways to buy organic on the cheap (well, cheapER). This is a great article that has tips for saving money when buying organic:

We all just want to have lots of snow, right? :) Do some research and try going organic for a month. Organic food just tastes so much better, and it's SO much better for you!

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