Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fresh Snow = Big Smiles

The snow wasn't phenomenal today, but golly was it fun! It snowed a few inches so there was a nice fresh coat on top today. After the 60 kindergarteners that took up our morning, we were glad to get the afternoon off to ride. We took our first turns down Steep Chutes... well, a few turns. We thought it would be good snow there, but after walking out there we realized it was pretty rock solid and all the good stuff had been scraped off already. No way I was walking back, so we strapped in and went for it anyways. I felt like it was more a 'black' than a 'double black', but given the typical conditions for that run is normally pretty solid snow, then I can certainly justify the 'double black' rating after today. If you fell, you were headed straight for the trees, so falling wasn't a good option. Thank goodness we didn't have any major spills. Not as steep as I thought it would be, but on a pow day, that run will be hella fun!

The west side was pretty fun. Kinda choppy and chunky in parts, but if you looked, good pow spots were easy to find. We went through the gate out into west bowl and it was creamy dreamy turns out there! So much fun! Anyways, enough with the jabbering. Here are some pics!

 Somewhere in west bowl. Super fun spot.

Looking at the cool frozen trees on our way to Steep Chutes.

Dustin on the lift. Upper Insane in the background. 

Somewhere in west bowl... another fun spot with a few fun drops.

On the east side... mellow pow slashes were easy peasy.

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