Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sunday Funday Park Laps

Sunday was a slow day for the Snowsports School, so we spent the day lapping the park. It's the first good park session I've been able to have all season. The only time the park is open is from 10-3 on the weekends, which is typically our busiest time and we're always teaching. It felt good to make those park laps, but since being in AK, my love for the park is fading as my love for natural features and pow turns are taking over. Yesterday the snow was amazing on the west side of the mountain and we found some fun drops to play on. I'm still getting comfortable hitting drops since I've never been able to ride anything like that until we moved here, but I'm stepping it up little by little.  I don't plan on tackling anything big soon, unless it's a super deep pow day and I have a nice fluffy landing if I bust :)

Here are a few pics I got from the GoPro footy from Sunday's park sesh.

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