Friday, September 20, 2013


Well guys, sorry to break it to ya but no pics in this post. Why you might wonder? That's because my laptop shit the bed and now I'm computerless, which also means I'm pictureless. My MacBook Pro fund has now commenced. 

I bought our plane tickets to Tennessee yesterday! So excited to come visit my family and friends. We'll be leaving Juneau on October 4th late in the evening and landing in Charlotte on the 5th. I'm sure an overnight flight with 2 stops will be ALL sorts of fun. You can probably just call me a zombie on the 5th. We are leaving on the 15th, which gives us some good catch up time with everyone. Wish we could stay longer, but work and other obligations will be waiting in us back in AK.

One of the first things we're gonna do is get a boss burger and Dr. Enuf (the non-HFCS version... thanks a lot you sellouts).  In a way, I miss home so much, but Alaska has truly stolen my heart forever. 

Allen Marine is winding down. We have 2 tours left and we're done. It's kinda bittersweet... I am so excited for winter and can't wait to get some snow under my feet, but I will miss being on the water everyday and having such an amazing 'office view'. Seeing humpback whales on a daily basis, and orcas on almost a daily basis, is pretty damn awesome. Not to mention the other amazing wildlife we see everyday... harbor seals, sea lions, porpoises, eagles, and the occasional bear on the shoreline. This summer has been the best summer of my life, hands down. 

We went camping last weekend at Sunshine Cove, which is 'out the road'. It was super fun. There were whales nearby, and we saw and heard them the whole 3 days we were there. Waking up to the sounds of whales breathing is pretty amazing. 

That's all for now.... My posts will be pretty sporadic until I somehow manage to afford a new laptop. I'll try to keep posting as much through my blogger app on my phone as possible. 

Happy vibes to all <3

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