Friday, September 27, 2013

Gastineau Peak Hike

I apologize in advance for any typos or grammatical errors...

1- I'm posting from my phone since I'm still computerless, and autocorrect has a mind of its own sometimes

2- I'm tired and have the company of a bottle of whiskey beside me, so this post probably won't get proofread 

Here goes... 

A couple days ago, the sun was shining and I had no plans, so out into nature I went. I decided to hike Mt. Roberts trail since I've never done it before. It's pretty mellow... a few steeper parts but pretty easy overall. I made it to the top, to the Mt. Roberts Tramway in about 45 minutes. I still had plenty of time so I figured I'd hike on up to the cross. Once I got there, I figured what the hell, I might as well hike on up to Gastineau Peak since it was just another mile or so. This was definitely more challenging than the trail below the tramway. Steeper, more rocks, and some slippery wet spots. Overall a still fairly easy hike. 

Once I got away from the tourist section, which was about .5 miles past the tramway, I was pretty much by myself. I passed a few other hikers along the way but the trail was pretty deserted when I got higher up. 

Once I got the the top of Gastineau Peak, I just sat back at relaxed for a good 30 minutes. It was probably the most relaxed that I've felt in weeks. Nothing but me, the ravens and eagles flying above me, and the ptarmigans making their crazy sounds down in the rocky chutes below me. I did see a few marmot holes, and a couple mountain goats from a distance, but thankfully no bears, just the evidence of one in the form of a pile of poo along the trail. 

The way down was a breeze, and j was glad to see my car at the trailhead since I had some yummy fruit leathers that I forgot to put in my pack for a snack. 

This hike was probably one of my favorites since I've been here (which was a year ago on the 23rd!(: ) but next time, I'll keep on truckin up to Mt Roberts Peak, which is the next peak over. 

I'll now attempt post photos from my phone.. 

View of downtown Juneau from the trail

A bit further up, past the tramway and all the tourist nonsense

Low clouds in the distance hovering above the water 

A fork in the trail...

Almost there... Yay snow! 

Looking back at the beautiful ridge I just traversed

Wow what a view...

I made it! Woohoo. What a great hike! 

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