Monday, April 27, 2009

The List.

To my fellow instructors out there... maybe you can relate to this.

You know you're a snowboard instructor when:

-You keep spare socks in a purse or backpack

-You tell every parent that their kid was the best in the group just to get a better tip.

-You are completely comfortable walking around in public in your long johns/spandex.

-You know what PSIA/AASI is.

-You have calves the size of Asia because you run up and down the bunny hill all day wearing all your gear.

-You don't worry about fixing your hair or putting on make-up before work - it's messed up within an hour anyways.

-You know every single shop and restaurant to go to because of your employee discount.

- You have a permanent goggle tan and you're proud of it.

-You want to cry when you see bare ground on the slopes in the middle of the season.

-Your best day ever is when you have a group that really enjoys a lesson.

-You despise church groups because they don't tip.

-You know that stickers are a good bribe.

-Your worst day is when you have a group of kids that cry and whine the whole time.

-Even on your day off, you live at the mountain.

-You know that anyone sitting in the middle of the slope is fair game to spray.

-You know that two layers of socks makes your feet colder, not warmer.

-You make fun of people who wear jeans or sweat pants on the slopes, and even more fun when they have them tucked into their boots.

-You can drive in your snowboard boots better than your normal shoes.

-Your back hurts for two days after having a fat kid in a lesson.

-All you think about during the summer is how much warm weather sucks.

-You drink more free hot chocolate in one season than most people drink their entire lives.

-You feel fine riding in a t-shirt when it's 30 degrees outside.

-You say 'good job, let's try it again' during a lesson more than you blink your eyes during the day.

-The value of your gear is more than the value of your car.

-You live on ramen noodles during the winter because your paychecks suck.

-You wake up at 5AM just to get first tracks on a powder day.

-You have 'winter' friends and 'summer' friends.

-You analyze every rider you see even though it's your day off.

- Your constantly saving money for your next AASI exam or event.

-You get home from the bar at 2:30AM and crash with all your gear on because you will get up at 6AM and do it all over again.

-You can spot a gaper a mile away.

-You're lesson tips you by buying you shots at the bar, and you're perfectly fine with that.

-The only reason you got the job was for the free pass and discounts.

-There's so many love triangles going on in ski school that you can't keep track of them.

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