Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I love this mountain.

I love it here on the mountain. I've found out that mountain
life is definitely the life for me! The best part about it?
I have the 2 things I love the most at my fingertips.
Dustin, of course, and snowboarding. With all the drama
going on with the resort I teach at, I hope next season it's
still the same kick ass place it's been the past couple years.
I guess there's drama anywhere you go though.
You can't EVER escape drama.

I STILL really want a pet bobcat. Wouldn't that be the coooolest?!
It would definitely be the most badass cat on the block!
They are SO cute when they are little,
and even when they grow up, they are the most beautiful feline ever.
If only I can dish out the $1,500 for one of those lil furballs.
Hmm... on the birthday list maybe? haha.
I doub't that would ever happen.

^ See?! They are just like a normal lazy housecat on steroids!

Well that's enough rambling for now.

Peace out & Rock on!

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