Thursday, October 21, 2010

This & That

It's been a couple weeks since I've posted, so here's a lil update.

Forum's F'It Premiere is tomorrow night at ASU. Only a buck to get in so I'm totally not missing it. You should come too.

Last weekend was the last few days at the Club. Now it's unemployment money till Beech Mountain Resort opens.

Speaking of the resort... they posted a list of the park features that we will have this season. You can see them here.

The radiator in the 4Runner is screwed. Got one coming in the mail so it's cheaper to get it fixed. Can't drive anywhere till that happens... which was supposed to be today but thanks to slow ass Fed-ex it will be tomorrow before we get it, and now the mechanic shop is booked till Monday.

Anyone know how to get rid of poison oak or poison ivy? Not sure which one but I've got it on the back of both of my arms. Went camping a week ago so it's gotta be from that. It is driving me nuts. I wanna scratch. :(

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