Thursday, October 7, 2010

Snowflex is FUN!

So my trip to Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre was SO much fun! Snowflex is definitely WAY different than snow. The biggest difference is edging on it. If you try to edge hard to turn sharp or stop, your board will just wash out from underneath you. I found this out the hard way! haha. Snowflex is not as responsive as snow... gotta kinda 'hop' into your turns rather than just flow into your turns like on snow.

Landing on snowflex is really soft. They have layers and layers of padding to cushion your landings.... just don't fall on a sprinkler. I took a sprinkler to the knee and it did NOT feel good. Even though it was rather soft, it was really poppy. I could just barely ollie and get some decent air. The jumps were suuuper smooth! They had several boxes and they all were super fast. Once you got on the box it seemed like a split second and you were off of it. Felt like they put butter on all the boxes! ha.

The main thing I didn't like about the place is that they didn't have lockers, which sucks because you are constantly soaked from the sprinklers being on all the time, and a dry hoodie every few hours was a must. They definitely need lockers so you don't have to walk down to your car every time you need something.

The only other thing that was annoying was the lift system. It was a handle tow, which normally wouldn't be bad at all, but you had to hang on to this thing FOREVER, and it was a pretty steep grade to get to the top, so by the time you finally made it your hands are on FIRE. Some people were putting the metal handle behind them instead of in front. This technique sucked as well. After about 3 trips to the top, the metal handle felt like it was ripping through my waist.

By the time we left, I had blisters on both hands and several bruises on my waist and hip from that damn lift. They really need to do something about that. Everything else was awesome though! Can't wait to go back! Snowflex will never be better than real snow, but it is pretty amazing!

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