Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Box Slush Seshhh

The sun was shining and we were bored today so we decided to go shred the slush a bit. Met our friend Kenny out there and got to shoveling. Ended up with a couple small jumps, which I really didn't hit much cuz my leg is still sore from my rail crash last week. haha. We had a flat rail and a round skinny rail set up also, but our main fun was a mellow flat box we set up. It was super smooth and super fun!

One thing I love about our spring sessions is that I learn so much new stuff during that time! The snow is soft, we set up features however we want them so it's a better time to progress. Today I learned to do a grab while boardsliding a box, and I got better with my frontsides (which I didn't get a good pic of cuz the stupid camera died).

Anyways, here's some pics from today.

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