Friday, March 11, 2011

Injuries Suck!

Fresh snow on the ground, 3 days till Beech Mountain Resort closes, and new coat of wax on the board... damn right I was gonna ride regardless of how my knee felt! Got one run in and it was killing me. Damn. Went inside and sat on my ass for about 4 hours. Took some ibuprofen. Then my friends set up a little box on the beginner area right outside ski school. Couldn't help myself and had to session it! Surprisingly, the knee didn't hurt once I starting riding. Thank god! Got a few good hits in and called it a day. Injuries suck. The season is almost over and I'm gonna enjoy it any way I can. Even if it is 'take a couple runs and then take a 4 hr break'! Ha.

Tomorrow is the End of Season Party for Beech. Poker run. Pond skim. Live music. Oh yeah. Be there or be square ;)

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