Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ladies Park Night 3 & Spring Shreddin'

So I FINALLY got to go to a Ladies Park Night at App Ski Mtn. It was SO much fun! Ladies Park Night is just a night where they set up a girls specific park so we ladies can shred it up without dudes bothering us! :) The set up was fun. There was a small jump, maybe 10 ft. at the most, round rail, rainbow box, short fat box, and a long t-box. Everything was chill and I even won a pair of socks in the raffle! Ha. Last thing I need is socks, but oh well. It's free, right?!

Anyways, here's a couple photos of me from the LPN, and a few more from our spring park we have set up on the remaining snow at Beech. Enjoy :)

Photo Credit: Kyle Beckmann

Photo Credit: Kyle Beckmann

Here's a few spring park pics

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