Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Over... Almost

Well Sunday ended the season for Beech Mountain Resort, and I must say, it was one hell of a season! Great snow, great conditions, fun events, everything was just awesome. I hope next season is just as sweet.

Forecast for today was rain. Woke up to a snow covered deck :) That just means a little fresh for our spring park! We were going to start on the spring park today, but the rain/snow mix has postponed our digging till tomorrow. I'm so pumped for the spring park. It's when I usually learn new tricks because it's a slushy soft landing, and we can set up features however the hell we want!

I was one of the two instructors that got 'Instructor of the Year' for this season! Stoked! Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal :) j/k. But I am so happy that they picked me! Made me feel all good inside. Ha.

The final Ladies Park Night at App is this Friday. I'm NOT missing this one! Should be a lot of fun! Get more info HERE if you're interested in going.

Here's a video I'll share with you...

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