Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello Summertime

So after my previous post full of bitching about the snow melting away,
I figured I might as well embrace the beautiful mountain I live
on and enjoy every season, even if it's snowless.

The sun and my bikini has been my best friend the past few days...
gotta fill in the fading goggle tan and my farmers tan
from our spring shred sessions, not to mention my blindingly
white legs.

Speaking of bikinis... I started my p90x routine yesterday.
I'm tired of the flab, so I'm going to make it disappear! Since yesterday
was my first workout, I knew I'd be sore today, but not THIS sore. I could barely
move my legs this morning. Instead, I'm going to dedicate this first
week as a 'warmup week' and just workout every other day.
After I work the soreness out and get used to the routines again, it's GAME ON!
Starting next Tuesday, my 90 day makeover begins.
Gotta get in super shape for shred season!

I've even gotten my fishing pole out a few times. Trout are abundant in the
lakes and rivers around here, and it makes a damn good dinner!
Homemade pecan crusted trout? Yes please!

I gotta admit, I'm a lucky girl, and I shouldn't complain about ANYTHING.
I've made my passion my job, well, at least as long as possible in this
section of the country, we all can't have snow till June!
I have a boyfriend that is awesome.
We are fortunate enough to have good health so we can
do things we love, like hiking and camping and biking and
of course, SNOWBOARDING!

I have amazing friends and family that are always there for
me when I need them.
And my cat, Winter, is the coolest kitty on the planet!

I have a fairly stress-free life... my dad is struggling with a lung
condition and is on the list for a transplant, and that scares me
to death, because I know that it's a very risky operation. My dad has been an
amazing father and I don't know what I'd do without him. I know everything
happens for a reason though and things will work out, like it always does.

Enough rambling for now.

I hope everyone has an amazing day!

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