Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random Bullshit.

I'm so ready to get back on my board... I only have 7 more months to go! *sad face*

A trip to Liberty Snowflex Center is going to happen very soon. If you live on the east coast and you want a summertime snow fix, this is the place to go. The actual college may have been funded by a crazy mofo, but at least they got something right... SNOWFLEX!

And... our internet is out. AGAIN. Well, technically not our internet.. our wonderfully kind neighbors who let us use their wifi are out of town for a while, and until the internet fairy goes into their condo to fix it, posts will be sparingly for a while. But, that just means fewer post of me ranting about how I wish it was winter again, so good for whoever reads my blog! ha.

Anyways... until next time...

Happy Shredding!

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