Friday, July 20, 2012

Get Muddy & Stuff...

Well it's that time of year again... time to get muddy on the downhill trails of Beech Mountain Resort. USA Cycling Gravity Nationals is back for the 2nd year and the course is even better than last year. The Pro line is insane, with crazy drops, jumps, berms, and a gnarly rock garden (that got the best of a few riders last year). The Am line is a lot more chill... still technical enough to put your skills to the test, but tamed down a lot more the Pro line. The Dual Slalom course is just as amazing as last year. Pretty much the same course as last year, just shaped and packed to perfection. I'm impressed at the number of girls in this event compared to last year. Yesterday I saw at least double from what I saw last year. Girls are better anyways :)

The main event is Saturday with the Downhill finals and the Brews & Views, which is an all you can drink beer tasting from over 20 vendors for only $20. The beer fest will be going on in the Village. Sunday is the Dual Slalom finals. Both days are going to be a BLAST! And better yet, my lovely friend Katie is coming to spend the day with me Saturday at the beer fest. Dustin and I are working the event Saturday morning, and I think we'll be selling beer which is fine with me because hopefully I'll make some tips! 

Anyways, I'm hoping my Master Cleanse items will come by Monday since that's the day I had planned to start it. It's not gonna be easy, but I'm totally stoked on how the outcome will be (hopefully). I think I can go 10 days without solid food, but beer and wine? That's gonna be the tough one, especially working in food service because every night is so stressful that all I want to do is drink a beer  and relax afterwards. I can do it though, I have faith in myself. :) I'll also be blogging daily when I start the cleanse. 

The Bach's Rescue Remedy pet calming aid I mentioned in my last post came today. I tested it out on Winter and it seems to work quite well. I gave her the recommended 4 drops in her mouth, and about 30 minutes later gave her the vacuum cleaner test. Normally, she runs and hides every time I vacuum the house, but this time she just stayed in her lazy stretched out position on the bed while I ran the vacuum cleaner around. She seemed a bit nervous, but didn't run and hide, which is a first for her. I'm guessing she'll be just fine on the trip to AK. 

Everyone come out to the races this weekend if you can! Beech Mountain Resort is doin' it BIG this summer and there are tons of bike, clothing, and food vendors in the Village. It's FREE to watch and will be a blast! 

Peace <3

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