Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Master Cleanse Day 1

Well I've made it a full 24 hours on the Master Cleanse. I started last night with the senna tea, then did the saltwater flush this morning which nearly made me gag. NOT a fan of chugging salt water!

I've been drinking the lemonade like crazy all day. I bet I've had at least 15 cups. I lost count after 10. The lemonade actually tastes pretty good once you get used to the cayenne pepper taste. I had a couple cups of herbal mint tea, which is the only other thing allowed.

I thought it would be hell trying to make it through work, which is in a restaurant, with all the food and smells everywhere. Honestly, it didn't even phase me. Not once have I gotten hungry today. I'm sure I'll be starving tomorrow, but my will power will get me through this and onto a detoxified lifestyle! :)

Dustin on the other hand... he claims his stomach is eating itself he's so hungry. I'm trying to be encouraging so he'll stick it out, but it's just not meant for some people I suppose.

I'll probably drink a couple more cups of lemonade in the next hour, and the senna tea before bed. Hopefully calling it an early night while on this thing will help curb hunger as well. You can't be hungry when you're asleep, right?

Onto day 2...

Happy Cleansing! :)

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