Saturday, March 16, 2013

Snowshine, Shit for Brains, and Crazy Cliffs

 I love snowshine, and thankfully it's happened a few times lately. When the sun is out and the pretty white clouds are still spitting out snow, you know it's gonna be a great day! How beautiful it is too! The sun makes the snow sparkle even more, and reminds me even more how much I love the snow, winter, mountains and snowboarding.

The past couple days have been EPIC riding days. A ridiculous amount of fun was went down, and will continue to go down as long as there is snow on the ground. So thankful for being in such a beautiful place, surrounded by awesome snow and amazing people.

To start things off, Dustin dropped Shit for Brains this morning with a couple other instructors. Super jealous but so proud of him! If I wasn't teaching a lesson I'd have been right there with them. It's a pretty gnarly chute off of Hogsback that is accessible by hiking from the ridge. I will try to update this post with a photo of the chute a bit later. Unfortuntealy when the guys rode it, no one had a camera on them. Convenient, eh?

Here are a few pics from the last few days. 
The one below is a photo of what I ended up going down yesterday, not necessarily by choice, either haha. Some friends and I were out enjoying the powder and somehow ended up at the top of the lookers left of the cliff in the photo. Only about a week or so ago I was down below that spot and there was some serious rock still exposed, but the last couple snowstorms have thankfully filled it in pretty well.
It looked a bit scary at first, but we figured what the hell, there's no hiking back up, so I might as well suck it up and do it, and it turned out to be pretty fun! MEGA adrenaline rush since it's definitely the steepest thing my board has ever touched. I wouldn't say I rode it gracefully at all... I got a couple sloppy turns up top, did a bit of a sideslip while secretly saying 'ohshitohshit' in my head, then a couple more decent turns at the bottom. I want to go back there when it dumps again and give it another shot, and hopefully a more successful one at that.


View from the chairlift.

Basking in the awesomeness of the moment. 
So stoked on the entire day.

The view off the east side. 

Happy happy happy.

On my way up Blackbear chair.

Frozen trees. 

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