Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wait, It's March Already?!

Today it really sunk in. It's March. We are 5 whole days into March. Where the hell did winter go?! It feels like we just stepped off the ferry yesterday. Even though back home, the arrival of March signifies spring riding and the end of the season, we've still got some winter left here. Although we still have over a month before the bullwheel stops turning, the snow will stick around for a lot longer. Just because we won't have the luxury of a chairlift doesn't mean we'll stop snowboarding! We'll be hiking and riding every chance we get. My goal this year is to snowboard every month of the year. In August, September, October... those months that the snow is the furthest away, still won't be THAT far away. 

I will find it. I will hike it. I will shred it.

Such an amazing winter is going to lead into an amazing summer, and I can't wait! 

Here are a few pics from the past week...

 Lisa and I on our way to find some untracked leftover pow spots... which was super successful :)

 Hiked up to hit the little windlip from the previous trip, but ended up going a bit further and dropping a wee little cornice instead. So much fun. This is the view from up higher on the ridge.

 Well this tree is rather... solid.

The crew from the Level 2 prep clinic I got to attend on Monday. So much fun and I learned quite a bit to help with my Level 1 cert coming up, as well as a few new things for teaching more advanced level lessons. Thanks Matt!

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