Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things Are Always Changing...

So it looks like we're moving! 

Not too far though... just down the street. The apartment we're in now has been great, but it's for sale and we've had to deal with a lot of showings. We don't mind having to leave and let random people wander through... much, but the fact that someone can buy it and kick us out within a month is a little stressful. If the housing market here in Juneau wasn't such a clusterf*ck, it wouldn't be so bad. When we first got here in the fall, it took us a whole month of hotel living and constant searching, calling, and driving around to even get this place. I like to describe the housing market here as a bit 'vicious'.

We were so lucky to have a friend from work give us a lead on a house that was coming available so we jumped on it. I thought the place we were in now had a good view, but this new place has an incredible view! We'll be even closer to the water with a much clearer view of the channel and the mountains, and we'll be in an actual house instead of an apartment. It's a small house, but it has a fenced back yard and is super nice on the inside. I'm just stoked on being able to have a garden this summer. Peppers, veggies, herbs, and strawberries will be plentiful in my kitchen!

Not sure when we'll actually be able to move though... hopefully sooner than later. We have to find someone to rent our place soon or we could possibly have to wait till May 1st at the latest. Since more people are looking for housing than what's actually available, I have a feeling we won't have much of a problem finding someone to take over the last month of our lease.

Then comes the headache of packing, moving, and unpacking! I hate to put Winter through another big change, but hopefully it will be the last big change for her for a while. She's been such a good kitty through the whole process. I can't believe how well she's handled moving across the country.

I do think spring is here. The past couple weeks have been amazing. Sunshine. Snow. Sunshine. Snow. Awesome.

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for one hell of a huge snowstorm. We haven't really gotten a big one yet... just many, many small snows.

Ok, enough with the blabbering... onto some photos!

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