Thursday, July 21, 2011

New addiction.

Not only am I still obsessed with True Blood (don't judge!), but I've found a new addiction when there's no snow on the ground...

Skateboarding mini ramps!

I mean, I totally suck at riding one, but it's still fun as hell! Beech Mountain Resort built an indoor 5ft. mini ramp and I finally rode it for the first time last night. I busted my ass a few good times, but I finally got the hang of 'pumping' and could ride back and forth for a good while before losing it. 5 foot seems kinda sketchy to me... I can only get about halfway up to the coping. I feel like if I could skate a 3 foot mini ramp somewhere then I'd be able to do all kinds of cool stuff! :)

This will definitely be a hang out spot in the winter as well. Now when we have those rainy days, I'll have something to do! :) Did I mention what a workout it is? After about 5 min on the ramp, my legs were on fire. Way more work than snowboarding! I'm sure it will get easier as I do it more. I have no desire to get really good at riding the mini ramp, my goal is to just be able to make it to the coping, and to do kickturns so I can keep my right foot forward all the time, instead of just riding back and forth looking all lame. ha.

Anyways, my dad is going to be moved to a normal room today! Yay! No more ICU! What a good step in the right direction. I'm sure he's so happy to be off the '8th floor'. Seems like that's practically been his home for the past couple months. I can't even imagine what it feels like to lay in a hospital bed for going on 3 months now. Hopefully no more setbacks and he can get back in shape and get the hell outta there! He wants to be at home more than ever now, and we want him home asap!

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