Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why do bad things happen?

Why do bad things happen to good people? That's a question for the ages, right? I believe in karma... the energy you put into the world is what you get in return. But sometimes, it just doesn't make sense. My father is a good man, and always has been. He's stood for what he believes in, and has always been good to everyone. It's just not fair.

But now I'm heading to Nashville in the morning to visit my daddy. Got a call from my stepmom saying that the mold infection in my dads new lungs has gotten too bad to treat. They've been 'vacuuming' it out the past couple weeks by going in by surgery, but I guess it's getting so bad that it's not helping anymore. They said that it's only a matter of days before it gets into his bloodstream, and after that, it's only a matter of a few more days before it's too much for his body to handle. They've contacted other hospitals, including Duke, trying to figure out a way to cure it. Apparently medicine can't fix it at this point. I can't believe that we was doing SO well that the doctors were amazed by how fast and well he was recovering, and then this came up out of the blue. It hasn't really sunk in yet... that this might be the final straw. There's always hope... there's gotta be, right? I gotta keep my head up, and believe that miracles do still happen. My lil sister will be 7 next month. She's too young to be without a father! He's a fighter though, and I know he'll fight till the end.

They are considering bringing him back home in the next week. At least he'll be in the hospital at home, and more family and friends can come visit him and give him hope. I think that's what he would want anyways... to be closer to home.

Please say a prayer for my dad and family... this is very hard on us all...

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