Sunday, July 3, 2011

Light up the sky...

Fireworks last night were amazing <3<3<3

We were right underneath them. It's such a cool feeling to be that close... almost seems like it was our own personal fireworks show! Gotta love Beech Mountain! We rode 4wheelers up the lower part of White Lightning, right above where the lifts 3&4 unloads and also where they were shooting them from. So awesome. I think tomorrow night we're going up to the Oz rock to see if we can see any other fireworks shows in the valleys that chose to do them on the actual 4th.

I'm so glad Dustin and I were able to be off of work and go to the Pig Roast and watch the fireworks. The bbq was sooooo good by the way. It will probably be another 4 years till we're both off for this event again haha.

Anyone have any advice on riding a mini ramp?

Beech Mountain Resort is building a 5ft mini ramp in the retail shop, and it's looking awesome! Almost completed. I really wanna learn how to ride a mini ramp. I really don't skateboard that well, mainly because I never really have the chance to get on a skateboard. It would probably help if I actually purchased my own deck lol. I'm determined though... I'm gonna learn how to ride it, and ride it well!

I finally ordered the R.E.D. helmet I've been wanting forever! So excited! Probably won't get here for another week though. Now I'll have no excuse not to go balls to the wall this winter in the park!

Almost done with Phase 2 of p90x... got one more week to go until I'm on the final phase! I love it though... I can definitely tell I'm getting stronger, and I can finally fit into some of my old favorite clothes! :)

Everyone have an amazing day!

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